Bob Newby on ‘Stranger Things 2’: All About Joyce’s Boyfriend

Netflix Stranger Things

A new addition to Stranger Things 2 is Bob Newby, played by Sean Astin. He plays a kindhearted nerd who is dating Joyce. (Guess that’s going to prove to be a minor problem for everyone who wants Joyce and Jim Hopper to be a couple.) Minor spoilers for Bob below.

According to the Stranger Things wikia, Bob and Joyce know each other because they went to high school together. (So yes, that means he knows Jim Hopper too.) He and Joyce began dating in 1984. Bob manages the local Hawkins RadioShack. And lest you think that’s a bad job, remember: back in the 1980s, RadioShack was a pretty big thing.

His character has been described as the “Barb of Season 2,” so it sounds like he’ll be a big hit. (Or he’ll suffer an untimely end — but we hope not.) Producer Shawn Levy said about Bob: “His part is substantially bigger (than Barb.) He’s in a lot of episodes. He is magnificent… I love Bob. I think other people will too.”

Sean Astin has a long and successful history in TV and film. Most interestingly, he starred as Mikey in The Goonies, a 1985 movie that heavily influenced Stranger Things. In fact, Mike Wheeler was initially inspired by Mikey. But Sean Astin has starred in so many more things since then. Just to name a few: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series (Raphael), BunniculaJustice League Action SeriesThe Lears, The Librarians, The Loud House, Range 15, Swing State, The Strain (Jim Kent), The Surface, Mom’s Night Out, Cabin Fever 3, Santa Switch, The Freemason, A Monsterous Holiday, The Surgeon General, Amazing Love, Alphas, Special Agent Oso, The Witches of Oz, The COlor of Magic, Law & Order, Monk, 24, Hercules, Jeremiah, and much more.

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