Darcey Silva & Jesse Meester, ’90 Day Fiance’: Are They Still Together?

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Facebook Pictured: Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester

Darcey Silva, 43, and Jesse Meester, 24, are one of the couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and the two of them have their fair share of issues. This couple has had their ups and downs with their May-December romance and it makes fans wonder if they are still together. Over the summer, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Silva posted and deleted a rant on Facebook that read:

So over it!!!! Now he can f–k all the other b–ches!!! Come on ladies!!! He’s a single man and available!!! He’s hot!!! He got lots to choose from I’m sure anyway!

In response, Meester posted this message on Facebook:

There is no reason to get upset over things you can’t control. Value progressive relationships. Don’t settle for less. Stagnancy is poison … To some people: Why so nasty about Darcey? What has she done to you? Please, you are entitled to your valuable opinion, but at least have some decency in expressing it.

Fortunately for Silva, her man Meester had a change of heart and later responded to haters online and gossip stories that were talking about Silva’s deleted post. Meester wrote online:

3 months ago she wrote: “i’m over it. He can f*ck all the other b*tches” now as seen on gossip articles. Out of frustration and vulnerability she wrote that … Is that ok? No. It that nice/smart? Absolutely not. And she knows my opinion very well about this. But we never broke up. So watch the show to see how it will go between us. There’s more to come. Darcey had that public ‘writing tendency’ 3 months ago … I distant myself from that behavior and find it immature, and she knows that. It only causes confusion. And sometimes, that confusion is really fun, because people love to elaborate on that and create even more stories. So more laughs for me.

Meester also stated:

She apologized for that comment right after. And after that post she decided to step away from social media which I respect her for. I support her, but I am not in control of what she does or writes. Nothing but love.

So, it sounds like the couple is still together as of now.

Recently, Silva posted a blurry pic of herself with Meester and the caption with the photo says:

To everyone in the world who has a compassionate heart and gentle ear to listen to my heartfelt message. I am sorry if you don’t feel me … I am only here for love. I truly want you to know from the bottom of my heart and soul that I will always love and stand by my Man. He is a strong, loving, trustworthy, compassionate, and respectable man! I will always love him, trust and believe in him with all my love deep in my soul!

In Touch Weekly also reports that Meester recently flew to New York City and was photographed hanging out with Silva and her daughters.

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