‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Troy & Nick: Fans Are Shipping ‘Trick’ in Memes & Tweets

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AMC Nick and Troy

Troy and Nick (aka Trick) have struck an odd friendship on Fear the Walking Dead, and many fans are right there, cheering them on. (While others are wondering if Nick’s gone a little crazy, getting so close to Troy.) Some fans are now “shipping” Troy and Nick and creating memes, GIFs, and sharing funny tweets about the whole thing. It’s an unexpected pairing.

This post has spoilers through Season 3 Episode 14. 

Read on for more about their relationship, and see some fans’ memes, tweets, and GIFs.

No one can deny that Troy is a fascinating and entertaining character, but let’s face it — he’s also a psychopath. Let’s not forget that when Nick first met him, he was torturing people in the name of “research.” And those people included Travis, Luciana, and Nick.

Then Troy didn’t want to give up his guns at the ranch (which was understandable considering the circumstances), but he went about it all wrong and almost got Nick killed in the process.

Then Troy went even crazier and decided to start shooting flares after he was exiled, attracting a huge zombie horde to the ranch. The entire ranch — which had just achieved a tenuous truce between Walker’s group and Madison’s/Jake’s — was destroyed. Many died as a result of Troy’s actions, including Ofelia. And Nick’s attempt to stop Jake from killing Troy (so he wouldn’t shoot off an additional flare and kill the whole town), only ended up killing Jake.

Nick may keep trying to befriend and redeem Troy because he sees himself in Troy. But is Troy really the right choice to look after him when he goes a little wild and takes some crazy brain stem drug, like tonight?

Despite everything, Nick keeps befriending Troy and keeps giving him chances. Some fans think this is ridiculous. Other fans are cheering it on.

The two actors together are an entertaining pair to watch. In Episode 14, their foolhardy attempts to get high, and then their adventures around the trading town, were pretty fun to watch.

But Nick’s affection for Troy doesn’t make a lot of sense from a pragmatic viewpoint. Which may partially be why some fans have decided that the two characters are romantically drawn to each other, and are now shipping the two. The two actors do genuinely have chemistry on screen, which is likely also why some fans have started shipping them. But are the writers purposefully trying to build a romance, or is it just a platonic bromance?

Some fans are really hoping for the romance side, and have nicknamed a Troy and Nick pairing as “Trick.” Here are some memes and tweets fans are sharing about Troy and Nick.

Others think it’s not really a romance, but more of frat-buddy kind of relationship:

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