How Much Szechuan Sauce Per McDonald’s? Many Only Have 20 Packets

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Adult Swim Some McDonald's locations will only carry 20 packets each.

Today, select McDonald’s locations are offering a limited supply of Szechuan sauce to their customers. But just how many packets of the delicious sauce will McDonald’s stores be carrying? Unfortunately, in this case “limited supply” tends to mean very, very limited. Many locations will only have 20 packets each. 

In other words, it might not be worth driving several hours in hopes of snagging a packet of sauce, unless you can get there early. One location has said they plan on handing out numbers to people who get to their store before 2 p.m., until their supply is gone.

(See a full list of every McDonald’s location that will carry Szechuan sauce in Heavy’s story here.)

In Virginia, for example, two stores will only be carrying 20 packets of Szechuan sauce each. The Virginian-Pilot reported that the stores at 2328 E. Princess Anne Rd. in Norfolk and 2097 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach will each only be supplied with 20 packets of sauce. That means they’ll probably run out pretty quick.

And in Arizona, only four stores will carry Szechuan sauce. And each store will only have 20 packets each.

In Iowa City, Iowa, the only store carrying Szechuan sauce in the entire state will only have 20 packets.

A store in Omaha, meanwhile, will have more, but still only 40 packets.

One of eight stores serving Szechuan in Pennsylvania will also only have 20 packets.

Dallas, Texas and Wyoming are also rumored to only be getting 20 packets at their stores.

Some stores didn’t know right away how many they would have. In Madison, Wisconsin, the owner of the University Avenue location said they wouldn’t know how many packets they would have until their shipment came in late Friday night or Saturday. She said that if people show up early, they’ll be giving out numbers.

Meanwhile, Detroit is specifically not disclosing how many packets they’ll have (which likely means it’s a very small amount.)

But now that we know that some locations will only have 20 packets, it’s more understandable why there is a one-per-person limit at each store.

Some fans are already upset that so many stores are only going to have 20 packets per location.

What do you think about the 20 packet limit at most locations? Do you still plan on trying to snag a packet for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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