Jeff Lewis’ Nanny Gema on ‘Flipping Out’

Jeff Lewis and partner Gage Edwards have been diving into parenthood this season of Flipping Out, with the birth of their daughter Monroe throwing them each for a loop. When Monroe first came home, their house was under construction and they made the decision to move to another one of their properties while construction was going on. Lewis revealed that they went through several nannies and had issues. One example he gave on the show was that one of the nannies had a death in the family and couldn’t help cry all the time. So, he said it didn’t work out.

After five months, it seemed like the stars had aligned and Lewis found a great nanny named Gema. What pleased Lewis greatly was Gema’s constant sexual harassment of his partner Edwards. Gema had a major crush on Edwards and loved to make sexual comments about him. She also would sometimes get a bit handsy with Edwards, which made him uncomfortable, but delighted everyone else in the house.

Unfortunately, on tonight’s episode, it looks like Gema’s time as Monroe’s nanny may be coming to an end. When the crib camera gets blocked and things appear to fall through the cracks, Edwards and Lewis become upset with their childcare.

Lewis has been going through a lot of employees so far this season, which is not something new. However, he’s lost some longtime employees this past year as well. Vanina Alfaro confessed to the cameras that she had been unhappy at Jeff Lewis Design for about a year and then she ended up quitting. Fortunately, unlike many of Lewis’ relationships that have ended, the two parted ways on good terms.

Another big change in Lewis’ company this past year has been with his beloved housekeeper Zoila Chavez, who has now retired. After 18 years with Lewis, through a lot of dysfunction, turmoil and laughs, Chavez has parted ways with Lewis as an employee. Prior to officially retiring, Chavez was only working part-time for Lewis. Recently, Lewis opened up about her retirement to People, saying:

It’s been kind of rough. I’m happy for her new life, but of course we were sad over here and we miss her.

Lewis said that Chavez stayed for six months after his baby was born to help.

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Love you boys, but the baby needs a parent, you made sure she’s here, now take care of her, one of you needs to be the parent, she’s way to small to be shoved in somebody else’s arms, she’s so lost already, get real boys, raising that little girl is the best thing you will ever due, one of you needs to give up your money grubbing days and be the parent, you really should of thought twice with her, boys get real!!!!


A crying child is harder to deal with but easy if you make it through one. I had a really colic child. Then they become ADHD. Good luck and much love ❤️ and patience.

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