‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Premiere: Device Near Whiterose in Intro Explained

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In one of the first scenes, extending into the intro credits of the Mr. Robot Season 3 premiere, Whiterose stepped out of an elevator and the camera panned to show a strange, gigantic, LHC/collider-type device near her. What was it? Fans have found some surprising clues.

Of course, this post will have spoilers through the Season 3 premiere.

When fans saw Whiterose step out into a room that housed a huge device that kind of looked like the Large Hadron Collider during the intro, they were confused. Was it the LHC? What else could it be?

Here are photos:

LHC Mr Robot

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LHC Mr Robot

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What could this possibly be? Because of the comments Angela made about changing time (and a weird glitch we saw in the Season 2 finale where a newscast seemed to skip time by about 15 seconds), some fans are thinking it’s a time machine. Others are thinking it’s a quantum computer.

But Mr. Robot actually provided hints in the episode that point to exactly what it is. As Redditor DayVCrockett pointed out, it all begins with a QR code that leads us into an intricate ARG.  Redditor thebuggalo was one of the first to find the QR code. When Elliot was standing in front of the Missing People posters, a few of the posters said HIRE ME. Those had a QR code that leads to jobs.runpula.net. This is a resume for Dylan C. Roberts, who works at E-Corp. If you follow the Contact Me link, you’ll find his Reddit profile: BCC4Life. He created a two-year-old subreddit called r/inside_e_corp.

Redditor DayVCrockett discovered that a post in that subreddit leads to a lesser known second subreddit, also created two years ago, called r/REALMysterySpot.

That subreddit is dedicated to discussing “areas that defy physics.” This is a newer theme developing within Mr. Robot. Angela talked to Elliot about wanting to go back and undo the past, even fix things all the way back to when their parents got sick.

The posts themselves in the subreddit don’t seem important, until you start delving into the comments. A redditor named Mister-3 made comments in this thread that reveal the real purpose of that device.

Here are the relevant quotes:

was going to create a new post but there’s a secret particle collider in NJ and i’ve heard tail of some animatrix shit going on there.

def NJ. i said it was secret… as in not on wikipedia. duh. my cuz works there. only way i even know about it is he got HAMMMMMERED day after the blackout hit and spilled his guts (in more ways than one. dude can’t handle his liquor).

def a hadron collider. my cuz is an egghead science nerd and super smart. i believe him. even drunk as he was he made me pull out the battery and sim card of my phone before he started talking about the place. something going on there has him a paranoid android… can’t get more specific right now. says there’s a real gestapo vibe about the place. says ppl go missing all the time.

The comments in the Mr. Robot-connected subreddit reveal that the underground device in the Season 3 premiere intro is a particle collider.

These mystery subreddits and posts were apparently created by people connected to Mr. Robot. They might have created the subreddits two years ago, with empty comments in them, that were edited later before the premiere. We know from the big issue in November between The_Donald subreddit and Reddit CEO Steve Huffman that comments can be edited by admins without any outward sign that the comments had been changed. I’d imagine that admins working with a TV show for an ARG could even create new comments and backdate them. These subreddits appear to have been created to help alert viewers find out exactly what that big LHC-like device is.

And that’s leaving us with a lot of questions about where the show’s going next.

Why is Whiterose using a particle collider? Right before the introduction of the particle collider, we saw another group talking about parallel dimensions and how we could have exact copies in other realities. Maybe Angela isn’t going to go back in time after all, but create (or travel to) an alternate dimension where their parents didn’t die. Maybe this collider is somehow accessing or creating alternate dimensions. Could this knowledge be why Angela suddenly turned into a believer, willing to sacrifice even Elliot, in exchange for Mr. Robot, to achieve her end goal?

Whiterose is certainly obsessed with time, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that she would be experimenting with finding ways to disrupt or change time.

Another subreddit found to be connected to the show is r/ZenArtofAutoDetailing. It too is locked to approved users and last had a post two years ago, and has comments from people who use the other show-connected subreddits. One comment here reads:

His thinking that our perception of Time is an illusion is interesting, but I get a little lost in it truth be told. It’s easier for me to think of Time in Slaughterhouse-Five terms: it is just our view that time is linear — past, present, future are just human constructions because we lack the ability to view the dimensionality of time.

Whiterose’s collider could be a tool for changing or traveling through time, or accessing alternate dimensions. Or maybe we’re just being distracted by red herrings, and the collider is being used for something completely different. The brownouts we’ve been seeing are likely related to the extreme amount of power that this device periodically needs.

Whatever it is, it looks like Elliot’s dad was involved (and likely Angela’s mom too.) Whiterose talked about how Elliot’s dad engineered some impressive things for them. Is it possible they didn’t die because of E-Corp, but were poisoned by an experiment they were doing with Whiterose?

What do you think about this new revelation? Some fans aren’t excited about a possible sci-fi element being introduced into the show, but I personally love it. Let us know in the comments below.

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