Murray on ‘Stranger Things 2’: All About Brett Gelman’s Character

Another Period Brett Gelman in 2013.

A new addition to Stranger Things 2 is Murray Bauman, played by Brett Gelman. He’s described as a disgraced journalist who chases conspiracy theories. Seems kind of fitting for a show premiering around the same time that new JFK files were released. (Minor spoilers for Murray below.)

Murray is apparently a disgraced journalist investigating a cold case in Hawkins. So he probably has a lot to prove to try to get his career back on track. And in Hawkins, that might not be so tough, considering everything that’s going on.

It looks like he’ll be showing up to the town as an outsider who’s seeking a big story. He’ll be researching Hawkins National Laboratory and, perhaps, will stumble upon the secrets in Eleven’s past. He’s going to be researching Dr. Brenner, but that might lead him to a new character: Dr. Owens. Owens is apparently in town to fix all the problems that Brenner caused.

It looks like Hawkins will either be a dream come true for Murray or it will drive him completely crazy, depending on how good the coverup is. But will Murray turn out to be friend or foe to the protagonists of Hawkins?

If Brett Gelman looks familiar, maybe it’s because he’s starred in quite a few other TV and movies before Stranger Things. These include Room for Rent, The Disaster Artist, American Dad!, Twin Peaks: The Return (Supervisor Burns), Jeff & Some Aliens, DRIB, Love (Dr. Greg Colter), Blunt Talk, Fleabag, Another Period, TripTank, Angel from Hell, Clarence, UCB Comedy Originals, Kroll Show, Bad Teacher, Eagleheart, The League (Gavin), Go On, The Life & Times of Tim, The Back Room, Funny or Die Presents, 30 Minutes or Less, The Other Guys, Jobs, and much more.

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