‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Finale: Is Beth a Clone? [Clues & Poll]

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The Rick and Morty finale left us with even more questions about Beth. I wasn’t sure they were even going to return to the question of what Beth chose before the season ended, but they did. And they left us with even more questions than we had last week. (At the end of this article, take our poll and let us know what you think happened to Beth.) 

During the finale, Beth had a bit of an existential crisis and couldn’t figure out whether or not she was really Beth or a clone. She reasoned that if she was a clone, Rick wouldn’t even tell her because if she ever gained sentience, he’d have to eliminate her.

But is that even true? When Rick replaced Morty and Summer with clone robots, Morty was slowly gaining sentience. But he didn’t dispose of Robot Morty until Morty was finally back and he needed to replace the robot with the real thing.

Some possible hints that Beth might be a clone include:

  • She used vocabulary and words she doesn’t normally use (as Summer pointed out.)
  • She was suddenly OK with Summer wearing revealing clothing. (And she and Summer got a long much better.)
  • She loves Jerry again, even though she remembers hating the date where he kissed her.

Rick insists that Beth isn’t a clone and she’s just changing because she’s convincing herself that she is. But is this true? Or is Rick just not revealing the truth in order to protect Beth’s secret?


At the end of last week’s episode, Beth realized that she was just like her dad. Rick told her that she was now free to have whatever life she wanted. She could stay and know that she chose this, or he could make a perfect clone of her and she could leave and do whatever she wanted. If she left, her clone would be just like her and love and take care of her family.

Beth looked at photos of her children and Jerry on the refrigerator and said that she knew exactly what she was going to do. The next time we saw her, she was happily ordering pizza for Morty and Summer. She even told Rick that she loved him, which was something she had difficulty expressing earlier in the episode.

It’s really unclear, looking at Episodes 9 and 10, whether Beth is a clone or not. But I would venture to guess that more clues point to her being a clone than not being one. However, she could also just be tricking herself into believing she’s a clone, which will lead her to changing up her life completely.

Some fans think that Rick knew letting Beth believe she was a clone would force her into an existential crisis that would result in her appreciating her life and her family and dealing with her inner demons.

Other fans think that she did replace herself with a clone, and now “real Beth” is going to take over the Citadel, just like her dad has done (and her son.) This might be my favorite theory.

What do you think? Or does it even matter at all whether she is a clone or isn’t? It’s not like Rick hasn’t already skipped dimensions quite a bit and changes daughters numerous times before.

Let us know in the poll below what you think. Is Beth a clone now?