‘Rick and Morty’: Where Was Bird Person (aka Phoenix Person)?

Phoenix Person

Adult Swim Phoenix Person

Fans were expecting to see Bird Person (aka Phoenix Person) in the Season 3 finale of Rick and Morty. But he didn’t show up at all. What happened to him? Where was Bird Person the last time we saw him on the show?

Unfortunately, it’s just not clear.

The last time we saw Bird Person was back in the after-credits scene following the Season 3 premiere on April 1. The scene showed that Bird Person hadn’t died in the Season 2 finale after all.

Rick and Morty – Tammy Kills Bird Person2015-10-05T10:24:27.000Z

Tammy was working with her covert group in the Galactic Federation to revive Bird Person.

They turned him into a cyborg-like-being and named him Phoenix Person. He appeared to be completely under Tammy’s control.

Here’s the last time we saw Phoenix Person:

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Fans were hoping to get a resolution to this in the finale, but Phoenix Person didn’t make any kind of an appearance. We’re still left wondering what happened to him.

This isn’t without precedence. After Evil Morty was introduced in Season 1, we didn’t see him again until The Ricklantis Mixup in Season 3. So it’s not unlike Dan Harmon to introduce a very intriguing character and then not bring that character back for a long time.

But that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t disappointed. Here are some reactions being shared online:


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