Roman on ‘Stranger Things 2’: All About Linnea Berthelsen’s Character [PHOTOS]

The Desert Linnea Berthelsen

A new addition to Stranger Things 2 is Roman, played by Linnea Berthelsen. Roman is a mysterious teen who’s hiding some type of traumatic past. In fact, Roman is so mysterious that Stranger Things 2 hasn’t said much about her character prior to the release of the new season on Netflix.

Linnea Berthelsen is new to the U.S. market. She’s a Danish actress who’s previously been seen in the TV minseries called The Desert, the Danish TV pilot Exitium, and in two shorts: Natskygge and Teenland.

According to her biography, she grew up in Denmark and, in addition to webisodes, TV series, and shorts, she’s also performed in theaters in Denmark and is starring in Ved Herrens Mark at Theatre GROB in Denmark this year.

She just began auditioning for U.S. parts when she was picked up by Stranger Things 2.

We only know a little about Roman so far (minor spoilers below):

  • She doesn’t live in Hawkins
  • She’s mysteriously connected somehow to the events in the lab that Eleven escaped from
  • She’s emotionally damaged
  • And she suffered a great loss when she was a child.

If you’re looking for her in the trailers, don’t worry if you didn’t see her: she’s not in them. She’s also not in any of the released photos for the series. She also hasn’t appeared in Comic-Con panels.

Here are some more photos of Linnea.

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