‘Stranger Things 2’: Bob Newby vs. Jim Hopper for Joyce

Netflix Stranger Things

There’s a new man in town on Stranger Things 2. It’s Bob Newby, and he’s describes as a new love interest for Joyce. But does he stand any chance against Jim Hopper? Or does Jim stand a chance against him? (At the end of this story, take a poll about Bob vs. Jim.) 

Bob, Joyce, and Jim all knew each other in high school. Bob’s described as kindhearted nerd who runs a local RadioShack, a new love interest for Joyce. Considering everything Joyce has been through, Bob might be a great match for her. He’ll understand some of the questions she’s facing with Will, but he’ll also ground her.

But then there’s Jim, who supported Joyce in Season 1 and played a pivotal role in finding her son. But now he’s possibly made a deal with the very lab that helped put her son in danger. And he’s still haunted by his daughter’s death. Is there even room in his heart for love?

Although you might think that you’ll have a problem with Bob, the creators don’t think you will. He’s described as the Barb of Season 2, only better. Producer Shawn Levy said about Bob:

His part is substantially bigger (than Barb.) He’s in a lot of episodes. He is magnificent… I love Bob. I think other people will too.”

Here’s one photo from the show of Bob being supportive of Joyce:

Meanwhile, Jim is the go-to guy for solving everything in this town and making things work out OK:


Who do you think is the better match for Joyce? Let us know in the poll below: