‘Stranger Things’ Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

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Stranger Things is one of the hottest shows on Netflix, and with the release of season 2 this weekend, people are eager to find the best way to incorporate the show into their Halloween plans.

There’s a ton of Stranger Things themed costumes you can go for this Halloween– the best part? You don’t even have to spend money! Mixing and matching clothing from your wardrobe will give you a great character look at no cost. Read on for some of the best Stranger Things Halloween looks for 2017.

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1. Eleven

Stranger Things Eleven Makeup & Costume Tutorial / MyPaleSkin*WARNING: FLASHING LIGHTS!* Anyone else as obsessed with Stranger Things as me? Today I'm bringing you a Stranger Things 'Eleven' Makeup & Costume Tutorial that is perfect for Halloween or cosplay! This look works on both kids and adults! I LOVED Millie Bobby Brown in the Netflix tv series, and hope I did her justice…2016-10-06T18:02:51.000Z

Eleven is a simple costume to execute– you just need a pink dress and the rest is easy. The best Eleven costume includes a white collar and retro, puffy pink sleeves. If you have a blonde wig, throw that on, as well.

Classic old white striped tube socks should be worn with white shoes– Vans or Converse if you have them, and be sure to add a bit of blood coming out of your nose. The final touch? Walk around with a box of Eggo waffles. Your costume will be that much better and you’ll never go hungry!

2. Joyce Byers

Stranger Things: Joyce Byers Cosplay Halloween Tutorial // 13 Days of Halloween // @ohjaechaosCue the synth intro music, find some Christmas lights and let's do this. This is my 2nd tutorial for the #13DaysOfHalloween For all the info (products used, cosplay tips, and more) head on over to my blog post: http://wp.me/p4PKSd-oN [CLOSED] DON'T FORGET: My #13DaysOfHalloween EPIC #Giveaway is still going on. Wanna enter? Click here: http://www.jaechaos.com/13-days-of-halloween/welcome-to-the-13-days-of-halloween-epic-giveaway/…2016-10-20T05:56:36.000Z

The number one accessory for a perfect Joyce Byers halloween? A crazy wig!

Throw on a dark brown sweater and some Christmas lights around your neck, and you’ll be set. A blue collared shirt will give you the look of a retail clerk, which is what Joyce does for a living on the series, and don’t forget to wear the worried-mother expression Will’s mom is known for!

3. Barb

Barb is a great costume and simple to execute, too! Pull your hair back into a bun, get some oversized, thick-rimmed glasses, and a button-up red plaid shirt. If you have boyfriend jeans, roll them up mid-calf. Barb also wore signature blue eyeshadow.

If you want to go all out, carry some textbooks under your arm in true Barb fashion. Carrying around a sign that says ‘Justice for Barb’ isn’t a bad idea, either.



Everyone loves Dustin, and if you’re Dustin for Halloween, everyone will love you, too! This look is pretty easy to achieve if you can find the right trucker hat.

Any two-tone trucker hat will do, and if you can find a curly hair wig (or if you’ve got curly hair), then people will instantly know what you’re going for. Dustin wears a green Waupaca Wis T-shirt and washout denim jacket, along with corduroy pants. If you top it all off with a backpack (and even a bike depending on where you are), you’ll bring the ‘young and innocent’ kid vibe to the table, too.


Hopper is a great look for someone looking for a more fun spin on the typical police uniform.

The essentials are the Hopper name badge, the adult felt ranger hat, and the brown police uniform. It’s also not a bad idea to have some classic sarcastic Hopper lines in your back pocket to bring the image to a whole new level.