‘The Voice’ Season 13 Contestants & Teams So Far – Battle Rounds

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Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The battle rounds on season 13 of The Voice begin tonight. Check out the details on each of the contestants on the four teams competing on the show by reading on below.

Team Adam Levine

Team Adam Levine The Voice, The Voice, The Voice 2017, The Voice Season 13, The Voice 2017 Contestants, The Voice 2017 Winners, The Voice 2017 Teams So Far

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Dave Crosby – Adam Levine was actually quite familiar with Crosby prior to him being on the show. In fact, he felt a very special connection to Crosby, who is actually known for his YouTube channel, on which he performs with his 4-year-old daughter Claire. During his blind audition, he brought little Claire out on stage to sing.
Brandon Showell – Showell is a 7th grade teacher and he says that his students actually don’t know he’s an aspiring music artist when he’s not in the classroom. He hopes to take his relationship with his fiancee if he is a success on The Voice.
Dylan Gerard – Gerard works as a nurse’s assistant, but he has a great passion for singing. He performed the song “Say You Won’t Let Go” for his blind audition.
Hannah Mrozak – Hannah Mrozak performed the song “Starving” for her blind audition and she hopes to raise awareness about bullying by being on the show.
Adam Pearce – Pearce went the rock route for his blind audition and performed the song “Hot Blooded”. Adam Levine called him “wild and crazy” but “controlled and refined” at the same time.
Anthony Alexander – Anthony Alexander’s father is actually a long-time camera operator, who has even worked on The Voice. His father also helps him with his music, as part of his band.
Emily Luther – Luther came on board, performing “Summertime” after a failed record contract. She actually studied music at Berklee College of Music.
Brandon Brown – According to Idol Chattery D, Brown is a former classmate of We McDonald, the singer who came in third place on season 11 of The Voice. Brown has attended the Harlem School of the Arts, the Hoff-Barthelson Music School in Scarsdale and Julliard’s Advanced Music Program.
Whitney Fenimore – Fenimore performed Drake for her blind audition. According to NBC, she actually grew up singing in church and being a part of different Christian bands.
Jon Mero – According to Mero’s Facebook profile, his genre of choice is pop and soul music. He originally began singing at age 4 and by age 12, he was excelling at the piano and trumpet as well. For Mero’s blind audition, he performed Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor.
Michael Kight – Clearly, Kight was a fan of Adam Levine’s, as he performed a song by Levine’s band Maroon 5. He chose a more dulled down rendition of the song “Sugar,” but it was not dull at all and definitely caught Levine’s attention.
Gary Carpentier – Gary Carpentier only got one chair turn, so he automatically was put with Adam Levine, who chose him. Even so, the other coaches were enthusiastic about his blind audition performance, singing Michael Buble’s “Home”.

Team Blake Shelton

Team Blake Shelton The Voice, The Voice, The Voice 2017, The Voice Season 13, The Voice 2017 Contestants, The Voice 2017 Winners, The Voice 2017 Teams So Far

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Mitchell Lee – Lee’s pursuit of music is inspired by his mother, who passed away. Currently, he is a wood-worker from South Carolina, who originally had a passion for dentistry.
Esera Tuaolo – Tuaolo is actually a professional athlete, who used to be a part of the Green Bay Packers, among many other teams. He even played in the Super Bowl at one point in his NFL career.
Keisha Renee – Keisha Renee has a young daughter named Amari and she grew up in Los Angeles, singing in church. She later grew to love country music, which is why coach Blake Shelton is a good fit for her.
Red Marlow – Red Marlow says he’s about as country as anyone can get and that he grew up with his father as a preacher. Working for his own construction company “Mr. Fix It All”, Marlow previously put his music career on the back burner.
Adam Cunningham – Adam Cunningham is a hands-on dad of a baby daughter and he works in music at the studio where Blake Shelton actually got his start. So, it makes sense that he would want Shelton to be his coach.
Noah Mac – Noah Mac is 17 years old and he performs the song “Way Down We Go” on the show for his blind audition. He has actually built his own recording studio in his parents’ backyard, with their help and he enjoys performing gospel music. Sadly, his sister died at just 19 years old after battling brain cancer, and he sang at her funeral. He was only 8 years old at the time.
Anna Catherine DeHart – “I Could Use a Love Song” was what DeHart performed for her blind audition. Judge Blake Shelton said that DeHart’s voice was perfectly “pointed”.
Dennis Drummond – Drummond performed the song “She Talks to Angels for his blind audition on the show this season and he is actually a guitarist for Adam Wakefield. Wakefield was the runner-up for season 10 of The Voice.
Rebecca Brunner – Brunner has called being on the show the craziest time of her life and she told the Lansing State Journal that, “The cool part is seeing how many people from your hometown really support you and just want to see you succeed.”
Natalie Stovall – The Columbia Daily Herald reports that Stovall is already a success, having toured with Nashville radio host Bobby Bones and his band, The Raging Idiots, as well as her own music group, The Drive.
Ryan Scripps – Scripps sang “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt for his blind audition and Reality TV World reports his discussing his song choice. Scripps explained: [The song] just kind of shows who I am as an artist. Sam Hunt obviously is more the pop-modern country and that’s really the route that I’ve been taking in the past few years as I’ve been pursuing this as a career. And it’s just a fun song. I have a lot of fun singing it. Scripps said it’s also one of his girlfriend’s favorite songs.
Kristi Hoopes – Hoopes refers to herself as a “hippie chick with twang” and she performed a Trisha Yearwood song for her blind audition on the show. Hoopes told MTSU Sidelines that she was actually personally approached to be on the show, recalling that, “Their casting director got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested, and I had never really been interested in doing one of those shows. It just didn’t seem like something I would ever be a part of, and when they came and presented me with the opportunity I just really couldn’t say no.”

Team Miley Cyrus

Team Miley Cyrus The Voice, The Voice, The Voice 2017, The Voice Season 13, The Voice 2017 Contestants, The Voice 2017 Winners, The Voice 2017 Teams So Far

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Janice Freeman – Janice Freeman has dealt with many ups and downs in her life. She had her daughter at the age of 21 and, when Freeman’s child was just four years old, her daughter’s father died of cancer. Then, in 2012, Freeman was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but today she is cancer-free.
Brooke Simpson – Simpson is 100% Native American and she hopes to one day be a music star. She is very proud of her tribe and her heritage, as are her parents, who are full-time evangelists.
Ashland Craft – Craft tried out for The Voice in hopes of moving up in her career, from small town gigs. She performed the song “You Are My Sunshine” for her blind audition.
Shilo Gold – Shayna Goldstein performs under the name Shilo Gold, according to The Know. She went to the Denver School of the Arts and performs at venues in the Denver area.
Addison Agen – Addison Agen performed the song “Jolene,” which is a special favorite for coach Miley Cyrus, so it makes sense for the two to work together. Adam Levine also turned his chair around during Agen’s audition.
Moriah Formica – Jennifer Hudson told Formica after her blind audition that she proves why age does not matter. She has a voice beyond her years, as she is just 16 years old. All four judges fought over Formica in hopes that she would join their team, but she chose Miley Cyrus as her coach.
Sophia Bollman – Sophia Bollman may be a contestant on this season of The Voice, but she previously appeared as a singer on the reality competition show The X Factor as well. She actually performed for KISS stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at their restaurant and Simmons taped a “good luck” video for her prior to her Voice audition.
Karli Webster – Karli Webster performed the song “You’re So Vain” for her blind audition, and the coaches ate it up, with several of them turning their chairs right away. In addition to singing, Webster has actually won eight state-level competitions as a pianist.
Chloe Kohanski – For her blind audition, Kohanski performed the song Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. She was actually attending college to become an English teacher, but quit so that she could pursue music.
Ilianna Viramontes – Viramontes performed Yael Naim’s “New Soul” for her blind audition on the show. Growing up, her father worked as an FBI agent, so her family had to move around quite a bit, but music helped her through all the moving, acting as a constant in her life, according to NBC.
Katrina Rose – Katrina Rose was actually cast as the lead role in the Broadway musical “Hairspray” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previously, she studied at the Durham School of the Arts.
Megan Rose – Megan Rose’s father has been her inspiration for music and he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before she was even born. Her love in music is for the country genre.

Team Jennifer Hudson

Team Jennifer Hudson The Voice, The Voice, The Voice 2017, The Voice Season 13, The Voice 2017 Contestants, The Voice 2017 Winners, The Voice 2017 Teams So Far

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Chris Weaver – Chris Weaver is from New York and he is a church leader who is also a drag queen at night. Fortunately, he says that church is a huge part of his life, and that his church has been very accepting of his lifestyle. His drag alter-ego is Nedra Belle and he previously performed for Hudson at an event years ago.
Shi’Ann Jones – Jones hails from Kentucky and Jennifer Hudson was the very first coach to turn her chair around at the beginning of Jones’ blind audition. She is just 15 years old, and she has a mature voice beyond her years.
Lucas Holliday – Holliday actually shocked the judges with his blind audition, explaining that he does not look how he sounds. In turn, he calls himself a “surprise.” In fact, Holliday is a cashier, who is known as the “singing cashier”.
Maharasyi – Maharasyi’s aunt is actually a famous music star in Indonesia, where her family is from, and her name is Emilia Contessa. Maharasyi says her aunt is pretty much the Whitney Houston of Indonesia, so clearly music is in her blood.
Davon Fleming – Fleming performed the song “Me and Mr. Jones” for his blind audition and he had the judges turning their chairs around early in his audition. Jennifer Hudson was so excited she wanted to throw her shoe at Fleming, just like she did at contestant Chris Weaver this season.
Kathrina Feigh – “Big White Room” was Feigh’s song choice for her blind audition performance and she got chair turns from both J-Hud and Blake Shelton. Feigh is 24 years old. During her blind audition, coach Miley Cyrus pushed for Feigh to choose Jennifer Hudson as her coach because she felt the two have similar tones to their voices.
Alexandra Joyce – Alexandra Joyce performed the song “Wildest Dreams” for her blind audition and she also played the guitar. She ended up choosing J-Hud as her coach.
Eric Lyn – Eric Lyn performed “Ooh Child” for his blind audition and went with Jennifer Hudson as his coach, as she was the only one to turn around her chair for the singer.
Stephan Marcellus – Marcellus makes a mistake during his blind audition of the song “Take Me to Church”, but his fumble actually attracts Jennifer Hudson to him as an artist. He said he didn’t hear the right note in the beginning of the song. Hudson said she has been in Marcellus’ position before, so she related to him and she enjoyed his voice.
Ignatious Carmouche – Carmouche is actually last season’s “The Voice on Snapchat” winner, among 20,000 submissions, according to NBC. He won the opportunity to audition on the show. Church is very important to him and he got his ministry license in addition to co-founding his own music ministry.
Meagan McNeal – Meagan McNeal told Patch that auditioning on the show puts major pressure on your performance. She explained: It’s a completely different type of pressure when there’s cameras and superstars right in front of you. It was just completely surreal. I just remember being so excited and grateful, because so many people audition for this. I think they said over 60,000 for this season, and to just be one out of 48 is a huge honor.
Jeremiah Miller – Jeremiah Miller performed Niall Horan’s song “Slow Hands” for his blind audition and when the judges asked him about his music goals, he said, “I just want to be able to build a platform so I can give God the glory.”