What Rick Said at the End of The Walking Dead Premiere Explained


At the very end of the Season 8 premiere, it was hard to understand what Rick said while he was standing alone, with bloodshot eyes, just after the “Old Rick” scene. If you couldn’t quite figure out what Rick said, we have the quote for you.┬áHere’s what he said:

My mercy prevails over my wrath.

Exactly what it means in the context of the Old Rick scenes is not immediately discernible. But it’s connected to something that happened earlier in the episode.

Rick’s quote appears to be a direct reference to what the hungry man who followed the Muslim faith said earlier in the episode.

When Carl was carrying a gas can to a rundown gas station, he was surprised by someone talking to him. The man was asking for mercy and help. He told Carl: “My mom said that helping the traveler, the person without a home, that’s everything… You don’t trust people, I get it. I don’t either. I’ve been through things too… My mom also said ‘May my mercy prevail over my wrath…’ That’s from the Koran. I don’t even know you, but I haven’t eaten in a few days, and you might not even be real.”

Rick shot over the man’s head to scare him off. Carl later returned and left food for the man.

This final quote from Rick may indicate that something went very wrong with Rick’s plan. It’s unclear if we’re actually getting a flash forward to the future, or if Rick is hallucinating because he’s having a tough time facing something terrible that’s going to happen later.

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