Dustin Lynch Relationship Status: Is the Country Music Singer Single?

Getty Singer-songwriter Dustin Lynch attends the 51st annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 8, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dustin Lynch fans may be in luck because from the looks of it, the country music heartthrob is up for grabs.

In April, Lynch outright told ET that he was single, saying that his music is all-consuming. Nothing seems to have changed much since then.

In an interview with People in September, Lynch revealed, “I’m so absolutely consumed by music… Even in serious relationships in the past, there’s just that focus and something I can’t help but think about, and the wheels are spinning … The career kind of becomes the mistress that gets in the way.”

His latest album, “Current Mood”, touches on themes of intimacy and love. “There are a lot of songs that are spot-on something I’ve been a part of or a relationship I’ve been in or gone through,” Lynch tells People. “I’m not naming names, but I think that’s exciting for me and fun for people, because I know I’m going to have some speculators out there.”

In June, Dustin released his music video for Small Town Boy, and fans were excited to see that the music video showed a sexier side to Dustin. Speaking about performing the song, Lynch says, “It’s so much fun to be on stage singing, especially as a single guy. It’s not like I’m having to act. I’m living it. But it’s fun to watch people react to those types of songs and lyrics.”

Dustin especially enjoys when he seems women dancing at concerts because it’s what gets everyone going. “… when I get the women reacting to me, all the guys in the crowd can take advantage of that, and that’s what’s great. Once you get a girl moving and swaying and you’re a single guy in the crowd, it’s not like [women] can jump on stage and dance with me, so who’re they gonna dance with? So I’m the matchmaker.”

In April, fans were shocked when dating rumors between Lynch and Kelly Osbourne surfaced. The rumors stemmed from an Instagram picture of Kelly and Dustin, along with a caption that read, “With my boo @dustinlynchmusic #celebrating our first anniversary! #TheOddCouple 💜🍾💋.” Dustin, himself, posted an equally as suggestive picture of the two, with the caption, “Shhhhh… 🤐#oneyear”.

As it turns out, Kelly and Dustin were celebrating their “friendaversary”. And their love as friends is one they were intent on celebrating. Speaking to ET, Dustin said, “She has one of the best personalities and sense of humors of all time, and makes me laugh like crazy… I think I make her laugh because I’m so backwards of what she’s used to out here. We love laughing together, having a good time picking on each other, giving each other a hard time.”

With his smooth voice and charming good looks, it’s only a matter of time before Lynch nabs himself a special someone. But for now, music is where his focus is at.

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