Barley House Cleveland: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hell hath no fury like a YouTuber scorned. On November 25, social media power couple Alissa Violet and Ricky “FaZe” Banks went out partying in Cleveland at the Barley House bar. Violet is a native of the city and she was in town along with her boyfriend for Thanksgiving. The couple says that Violet was sexually harassed and beaten up while Banks was also attacked as they were ejected from the bar in the early hours of November 26. While the bar contends that it was Violet and Banks who were being belligerent and removed. Either way, according to the part Banks broke his finger while Violet had a black eye.

In response, the duo’s army of followers on Twitter and Instagram have taken to Yelp and Facebook en masse to leave horrible reviews of Barley House. Although in a more sinister move, reports that bartenders, other staff and even some regular customers have received death threats from the couple’s fans. Their fans are known collectively as the Cloutgang.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Violet Says She Was Attacked by a Group of Female Customers While Banks Says He Was Set Upon by a Group Bouncers

In postings on Banks’ Instagram story, he claimed that a group of bouncers choked him while he was waiting for Violet outside of a bathroom. Banks says he was then removed from the bar. He added that a bouncer had earlier attacked Violet. While on her social media, Violet said that she was attacked by two women. Banks posted a pictured to Twitter showing Violet with a fat lip and black eye. Violet posted a photo of the alleged two women to her Twitter page:

The video at the top of this post shows Banks’ giving his side of the story. That clip was uploaded on November 30. In it, Banks says the fight started because one of the bouncers grabbed Violet’s butt.

2. Barley House Management Says That Banks Was Being Aggressive Towards Their Security

Barley House management offered a different side to the story. Managing partner Corey May told that security video showed that Banks was the aggressor and the bar’s bouncers were not to blame. May told the website that security asked Banks to wait for Violet upstairs as the bathroom she was using was in a restricted area. When he went downstairs against their wishes, bouncers brought him back upstairs.

May also told when Banks and Violet were outside the bar they were abusive while also recording what was going on. During that recording Violet said, “This isn’t a publicity stunt this isn’t fake this is the … real thing. I can’t believe this happened to us.”

May says Violet was attacked when she took a “close-up video of two patrons.” Banks also got involved in that fight, punching a man, according to May’s account of what happened. Barley House released their security footage of the incident on November 29. In narrating the security video for CBS Cleveland, May said, “This is his girlfriend Alissa and her two friends. This is once again this is her mother thanking our security saying ‘Hey, thank you.'” May then told the station that Banks is shown to be “totally cheap shotting” a customer/”

3. Barley House Has Set Their Social Media Pages to Private Because of the Abuse They’re Getting

The Cloutgang responded to the incident en masse by attacking Barley House on various ratings platforms. On Yelp, the bar has a rating of two and a half stars, the bar’s page comes with a disclaimer that reads: “This business is being monitored by Yelp’s Support team for content related to media reports.” The review section cannot be read by the public because it’s under an “Active Cleanup Alert.” On Facebook, the bar has one star and on Google it has 1.4 stars. One Google review that reads, “Terrible service and food! One of the workers abused a women [sic]. Would never recommend coming ever” has a whopping 249 likes.

Managing partner of the bar, Joe Oravec, told, “Just to give you an idea, we’ve had 470 voicemails in the last day.” May told the website, “Our phone hasn’t stopped ringing for the past 36 hours, so we had to take it off the hook. They’re telling us they’re going to kill us, to kill ourselves. Every nasty thing in the book.” Though May added that the bar’s loyal clientele has ensured the bar hasn’t suffered a loss in business because of the scandal.

Bartender Dana Mack (above) told that she had been mistaken for one of the women who attacked Violet leading to her receiving death threats. Mack said one threat mentioned killing her dog. Mack says that Violet personally reached out to her to apologize.

A regular at the bar, Steven Donaldson Jr., was also forced to take to a public Google Doc to deny he had any role in the controversy. It had been rumored online that he was involved in the fight, Donaldson though says he wasn’t even at the bar on the night in question.

4. Banks Has Asked His Fans to Stop the Threats Against Barley House

GettyAlissa Violet pictured in January 2017.

As reviews and ratings continues to get trolled by the Cloutgang, Banks said in his November 30 video:

I do want to stress the point, I do not condone any form of threat, harassment. Don’t do it. You guys it’s not f***ing cool, it has no place any of this. We’re going to get to the bottom of this and we’re going to do it with some class and in a respectful way.

On November 27, Banks posted a group of photos to Twitter that appeared to show screenshots of several bad reviews the Barley House has gotten. Mack told that working at the Barley House has been a positive experience saying, “Barley House is an extremely close group. We consider each other family. I will stick by those people no matter what. I have received a lot of support from them during this.”

Banks said in his November 30 video that his lawyers are involved in the situation.

5. Barley House Was Where the Raiders’ Gareon Conley Partied the Night He Was Accused of Raping a Woman

The Barley House was the bar where then-Ohio State prospect and now Oakland Raiders cornerback Gaeron Conley partied on the night he was accused of rape, reported TMZ. Conley, 22, was shown on security video to have been in the bar with his accuser, 23. On July 31, a grand jury decided not to press charges against Conley. The alleged rape took place in a hotel room in Cleveland in April 2017.

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