How Long Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Tonight? [Season 8 Episode 5]


If you’re watching The Walking Dead tonight, you might notice that it’s a longer episode than normal. That’s because Season 8 Episode 5 is an extended episode. The episode will run a little longer than normal tonight.

Tonight’s episode is a 73-minute long episode. That means it’s running from 9 p.m. Eastern until 10:13 p.m. Eastern, an extra 13 minutes.

This isn’t the first time an episode for The Walking Dead has run long. In fact, it happened a number of times last season. In Season 7, the midseason premiere was also 73 minutes long. Even this season’s premiere was 67 minutes long, giving fans an extra seven minutes of runtime.

The description for tonight’s episode reads:

A close look at Negan and the lives of the Saviors during the conflict through a familiar set of eyes.

Fans have been waiting for Negan to return ever since we saw him locked up with Gabriel and a zombie horde surrounding them. He seems kind of unkillable, after Rick started shooting at him in the premiere and he was barely hurt. Does he have the same plot armor that Rick sports?

Whatever happens tonight, it will be nice to have a longer episode. Sometimes it feels like each episode of The Walking Dead runs longer and longer, leaving little show time compared with the commercials. An extra 13 minutes tonight will give the show that “normal” length feel.

And with Negan finally returning, the episode definitely won’t be boring.

Let us know what you thought about tonight’s episode in the comments below.

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