Thanksgiving 2017: Is Pizza Delivered Today?

is pizza delivered on thanksgiving


Pizza may not necessarily be the top item on your Thanksgiving menu, but who’s to say that it can’t be a last-minute addition to the list, or eaten as a midnight snack?

This year, many of the top pizza chains across the country will be open for at least part of Thanksgiving day.

A number of Domino’s Pizza stores are staying open Thursday evening. Carryout and delivery hours will vary by location, so click here to find out the hours of a Domino’s near you.

CBS reports Chris Brandon, a spokesperson for Dominos, as saying, “The stores that do decide to be open are there because they want to be there for the people who want Domino’s on Thanksgiving… If customers want Domino’s on Thanksgiving and it makes sense for the store (they’ll be open.)”

Many Pizza Hut restaurants will also stay open, according to Holiday Shopping Hours. Before heading out to order a pie, check out today’s holiday schedule for a Pizza Hut near you.

Papa John’s joins the list of restaurants staying open on Thanksgiving. To find a Papa John’s near you and do double check store hours, click here.

Thanksgiving eve is big business for most pizza chains– in fact, it’s one of the biggest nights of the year. Most people are so busy preparing the following day’s meal that they don’t have time to cook Wednesday night. Chris Brandon, a spokesman for Domino’s, tells CBS Detroit, “Thanksgiving Eve is one of our top five days of the year, and it kind of helps give people a break. The night before (Thanksgiving) they have to cook for, oftentimes, super large families, with all the stresses of that, we like to give people a break from that.”

According to the outlet, Domino’s will be offer a “St. Jude’s bundle” (2 medium pizzas, parmesan bread and a 2-liter of soda for $19.99) this year, with proceeds going towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital until January 1.

Those who aren’t sure if they’re in the mood for pizza have plenty of other options. A number of buffets and national chains will stay open to satisfy the needs of their hungry customers– even if it is Thanksgiving! Most McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger King locations will be open. Boston Market is even offering a special Thanksgiving menu for customers wanting to dine-in or ordering to go.