Ellie Woods Dating ‘DWTS’ Contestant Jordan Fisher

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Jordan Fisher is a contestant on Dancing With the Stars this season and he is paired with mirrorball champion Lindsay Arnold as his pro partner. Fisher is a music and acting star, but it looks like he is also a talented dancer. So, what does Fisher do when he isn’t learning moves in the ballroom? He probably is trying to make time for his girlfriend Ellie Woods, a University of Alabama student who J-14 reports he’s been dating for about a year now. The couple has known each other a long time, but they only pursued a romantic relationship the last year, as Fisher explained to J-14, “We grew up in a theatre company together in Birmingham. We were just friends. It took us a long time for all of a sudden, like a year and a half ago we were kind of like ‘Let’s see what this could be.’ I was working on “Hamilton” at the time. I was like ‘Come to New York. I’ll take you on some dates and let’s just figure it out.’ So, she came to New York, I took her on some dates, and that was it!”

If anyone knows about having a long-distance relationship, it’s Fisher’s dance partner Lindsay Arnold. She married her high school sweetheart Sam Cusick and the couple’s home base is in Utah. In an interview with Us Weekly, she revealed that, “My and my husband live mostly in Utah. So when we’re not on the show, we’re back home with family. That’s home base.” And, what makes things even easier for Arnold is that she and her husband get along well with Fisher and his girlfriend Woods. Fisher told Us Weekly, “That’s also a really great thing about our friendship and partnership is that it’s hard to find couples you get along with. Usually the guy likes the guy or the girl likes the girl. It’s rare when all four people like each other. We do our own thing. Ellie and Sam get along. I adore Sam. And Ellie and Lindsay get along. It’s nice to have that friendship as well.” Fisher and Woods have not been shy about their relationship online, posting photos and comments about each other. In one heartfelt message, Fisher wrote, “Good Lord. If only knew how to properly articulate how happy you make me … this would be so much easier. You truly make me the happiest person on earth. So grateful to have you and to have had you in my life for all these years. Even more grateful that I get to call you my person.”

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As Fisher competes on Dancing With the Stars, he tells J-14 that he and Woods see each other every three weeks. He explains, “We’ve made the commitment to just doing that because she’s my person. That’s kind of just the bottom line. We grew up together. We have 11 years of friendship and that turned into something really beautiful and special. Just committing to the idea of making it work and being together is something you just do. You just make it work and make it happen. Every three weeks, somebody is on a plane to see each other if it’s a day or two, if it’s a week, if it’s a long weekend. We make it work. I’m kind of stuck in LA right now and she’s in Alabama studying clinical dietetics so her face is in the books all the time … Since I’m stuck in LA, she’s been coming back and forth and seeing the show.” According to Earn the Necklace, Woods has been supporting her man from a far and has been understanding about his DWTS gig.