Josh Altman & Wife Heather Bilyeu’s Baby Alexis Kerry

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On season 10 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, fans will get to see a pregnant Heather Bilyeu and husband Josh Altman work on fitting their first baby into their busy lives. Well, Altman seems to be needing more help in adjusting than Bilyeu. In April 2017, the couple welcomed their baby girl Alexis Kerry into the world, as reported by The Daily Dish. Altman announced the news of his daughter’s birth via Instagram with the following sweet message, “The greatest day of my life. April 3rd at 4:55pm Heather and I welcomed our amazing baby girl Alexis Kerry Altman into the world. Weighing 7lbs and 20 inches long, this angel is absolutely perfect. To experience the birth of your child is such a mind blowing event that is greater than anything I can describe. I’m so happy and so proud of my wife for handling this like a champ. Life has definitely changed in an instance, and from gazing into my baby girls eyes, I can tell you it just got much better.”

What is most interesting is that Bilyeu revealed on her Instagram account that husband Altman actually delivered their child. She revealed, “The most incredible moment of my life, holding my daughter right after her daddy delivered her. She stretched her long little arms up around my neck and gave me the biggest longest hug I’ll never forget! I knew I loved her but seeing her and holding her made my heart explode. The instant feeling of unconditional love and protection I feel for her is unreal. I can’t believe I have my very own baby!”

Altman and Bilyeu married in Aspen just one year prior to their daughter’s birth, in April 2016. But, it’s no wonder the two started right in on making a family together, as Altman joked about knocking up Bilyeu right after he proposed on Million Dollar Listing LA. He actually told Bravo when they were engaged that, “We want kids. We wanted kids. I, especially, because I’m not getting any younger these days, so I was ready right away. I’ve been ready for years. Was I surprised how quick it happened? Absolutely. We have many friends where it took a very long time for them to get pregnant. We know how lucky we are that it happened that easy ’cause it can go either way. It was definitely a surprise, but we’re excited. In fact, we’re so excited, we’re already talking about having another right after.” Back in 2013, Bilyeu made similar comments to The Daily Dish, saying, “We definitely want to start a family. [Josh] wants five, maybe six kids, because he’d like to have a full soccer team. Me on the other hand, I think maybe three max … I think it would be nice to enjoy marriage first, and then maybe in the next year or two start working on [a family].” The couple was originally supposed to marry in 2014, but they postponed their nuptials and ended up marrying two years later. The couple became overwhelmed with all the wedding details and feared that their getting married had become more of a storyline and production, as opposed to something special for the two of them.

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