Kat Jackson and Ryan Henry on ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’

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Kat Jackson and Ryan Henry, of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, have a past and it looks like Jackson may want to discuss it with Henry’s girlfriend Rachel Leigh on the show. VH1 writes in tonight’s plot description that, “Kat’s unexpected arrival at the villa creates tension … Kat reveals a shocking secret.” And, for next week’s episode, VH1 states, “Kat decides that Rachel needs to know the truth.” So, what could Jackson want to talk about? There have been rumors for months that Henry cheated on his girlfriend with Jackson, but Urban Belle Mag reports that Henry maintains he did not have a physical hook up with Jackson. He has said that he cheated on longtime love Leigh in the past, but that he and Jackson did not have sex. Henry did, however, admit to an emotional affair with Jackson, which he said was disrespectful to his relationship with Leigh. He went on to say, “You don’t have to be fucking nobody to be cheating. At a certain point, yeah, I might have fucked up… it was just a fuck up. Might have been once, might have been multiple times, but it was a fuck up, but I own that shit.” Henry addresses the subject in the below video.

So, how did all the rumors about Henry and Jackson start in the first place? When the cast was in a cabin together, Charmaine Johnise walked into the bathroom and found Henry with Jackson in the room together. Henry was in the shower, while Jackson was in a towel and laughing. From outside the bathroom, Henry was heard saying, “If my dick out, my dick gonna stay out.” In addition to this incident, Johnise also heard from Danielle Jamison that the two “have a past.” Jamison actually said, “This is something that’s not new, at all. Katrina swore me to secrecy but when I went out to LA, Katrina told me something happened between her and Ryan last year.” And, when Jackson fled Chicago for Los Angeles, Jamison said that Jackson left town because she said she was developing feelings for Henry. Watch a clip of this reveal below.

So, what is going on with Jackson and Henry? VH1 reports that Jackson played coy in an August 2017 interview with AfterBuzz TV when they asked her about the moment she was filmed in the bathroom with Henry. Jackson’s reply was this, “I don’t know what that moment was that y’all saw … The night was a blur, I’m not gonna lie. There might’ve been a little bit of friendliness going on, but as you continue to watch the season, you’ll find out more.” Henry’s girlfriend Rachel Leigh is still very much in the mix and she is actually his high school sweetheart. And, the couple shares one child together, a son named Mason. In the beginning of season 3 for Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Henry talked about how happy he was to have Leigh and his son back as permanent parts of his life, as the couple has had their ups and downs over the years.


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What contradicted it for Kat was when she claimed to not have been interested in Phor due to his relationship with Nikki but she didn’t have the same moral code when it came to Ryan’s relationship with Rachel. I’m not excusing Ryan but she’s nowhere near innocent, and if it’s been going on for as long as she says why does she want to come clean all of a sudden 🤔


Kat is probably WISHING. She has been passed around, and still ain’t been “girlfriended” or “wifed”. Between loud, fat, bucktoothed Charmaine and that lying low-down nopottopissin, ungrateful snake slut Lily and Kat, it’s hard to figure who’s the filthiest. They should name the show Black Ink Screw Chicago.

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