Kim Zolciak-Biermann & Nene Leakes’ Feud Revived

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Roach Pest Control #lifeofnene?

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In recent months, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her daughter have been in a bit of a feud with Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Nene Leakes. But, this feud isn’t the first one that Biermann and Leakes’ friendship has gone through over the years. Let’s start at the beginning, when fans first met the two on RHOA. When Biermann was dating a man who she called “Big Poppa,” her relationship with Leakes suffered once rumors that Big Poppa was married came out. Biermann did end up confirming that “Big Poppa,” who purchased many luxury items for her, was indeed married but she said he was going through a divorce. This admission prompted the ever-famous Leakes line, “Close your legs to married men.” Then, in 2009, on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Nene Leakes appeared to discuss her book “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.” When Andy Cohen read, “Kim wouldn’t know how to make a dime if you slapped her with a bucket of change. Every dollar that chick has is somebody else’s husband’s money,” Biermann ended up calling in and engaged in a screaming match with Leakes live. Check out the cringe-worthy argument in the below video.

NeNe Leakes Freaks Out | RHOA | WWHLReal Housewives of Atlanta stars Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes get in a yelling match on WWHL. ►► Subscribe To WWHL: "Watch What Happens" as Bravo Andy Cohen interviews today's hottest celebrities. Watch WWHL Sun-Thu 11/10c: WWHL Website: Follow WWHL: Like WWHL: WWHL Tumblr: 'Watch What Happens: Live' is Bravo's…2013-08-01T19:07:09.000Z

The duo were estranged for a while and would patch things up, though they were no longer the best of friends. Biermann showed up on a RHOA reunion when she was no longer on the show and she even made an appearance with Leakes a couple years ago on Watch What Happens Live together. Both Leakes and Biermann have now returned to the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta after they were both away from the series. But, there has been a new feud ignited and it also involves Biermann’s daughter Brielle. When a video shot by Brielle Biermann allegedly from Leakes’ bathroom showed Brielle complaining about the mirror, along with bugs in the room, Leakes lashed out. According to TMZ, Leakes’ response was this, “We don’t have roaches! If you found 1, u brought it with u or it fell outta yo funky pussy! Please know I will get You all the way together when you start fucking wit me and mine! Go somewhere and let the air outta those fake lips, fake titties and fake ass because you will never be @kylejenner … You had to stoop so low and be so disgusting #racisttrash #jealous #KKK #thirsty you better run yo ass back to a child’s place.” Years ago, Leakes was actually quite close with Biermann’s daughters Brielle and Ariana.

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann was quick to defend her daughter and said that her daughter never posted the video. She said that Leakes posted the video herself and it never would have been seen by the public otherwise. Biermann wrote on Instagram, “Nene has said and done some things that are absolutely disgusting, however I will take the high road as you will see it on the show soon enough, but you WILL NOT make it seem as though my daughter did ANYTHING wrong! She never posted this video nor would she! As you see here I myself was not willing to send the video just for ratings for RHOA. END OF STORY.” She also posted a text message conversation about the video. Check it out below.

Biermann also posted another length message, which was directed at Leakes, using this as a caption, “At this point I almost feel sad for you @neneleakes. I had hoped for many yrs you would have seen the bigger picture but it’s evident you haven’t, I will continue to pray for you.” Read Biermann’s message about Leakes’ comments about her and her daughter Brielle in the below Instagram post.

And, for those of you hoping that the fight may have settled down over the last few weeks, think again. For Halloween, Leakes dressed up as a an exterminator and her husband Gregg wore a cockroach costume. Check out a photo of Leakes in her Halloween garbw.

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Roach Pest Control in full effect????#RHOA ?

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