Laura González, Runner-Up Miss Universe 2017-2018


On Sunday, Colombia’s Laura Gonzalez was named runner up at the Miss Universe pageant.

Ganzalez, 22, was born in Cali, in Southwest Colombia, and stands 5’10”. When she was six months old, she moved to Cartagena. Gonzalez went on to study high school in Cartagena at Modern Gymnasium and art and performance at the School of Education Actoral House Ensemble, where she developed her skills as a performer. Since she was 16, Gonzalez has said she hopes to pursue and find success as an actor. To date, she has acted in one television show, titled La Cacica, where she played the role of Chechi.

A true jack-of-all-trades, Gonzalez speaks three languages: English, French, and Spanish.

The pageant queen is very proud of her Colombian roots. Speaking about her home in an introductory video for the pageant, she said, “I believe in my people. I believe in Colombians. And I know we are learning how to get together to get the peace we’ve always wanted. And I’m proud of my people because we’re working so hard to get that peace.” She continues, “Colombians have been through a lot. They’re fighters. But you know, they don’t stop smiling.”

When she isn’t busy acting and modeling, Gonzalez tries to relax by doing yoga and pilates.

Tonight, Gonzalez advanced to the top ten along with candidates from Venezuela, the United States, the Philippines, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Thailand and Jamaica.

In the first round of questions, Gonzalez had to answer: “Terrorism is one of the risks of our world today, if you were Miss Universe, how would you explain a child to terrorism?” Her response was: “No I have been in the role of the victim, neither of the victimizer, nor of the family, so I could not say what it feels like for sure; but I would tell any child that his generation, and even mine, needs a world with fewer weapons. More books, more culture, more friends, more love.”

When it came down to the three finalists– Gonzalez, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa, and Davina Bennett from Jamaica, Gonzalez was asked which quality she’s most proud of and how she would apply it to Miss Universe. She said, “I am very passionate in everything I do. I passionately have discipline. I passionately give my being in everything I do, I did it as an actress, I did it in Colombia, and I do not doubt that I would do it as Miss Universe.”

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