Lexus Scheller and Boyfriend Shayden Massey – ‘Unexpected’ on TLC

For those fans of shows like Teen Mom on MTV, the TLC network has come out with a new reality show called Unexpected. The show features the stories of several underage girls who are pregnant, following their journeys to motherhood and the official TLC description of the show reads, “The series focuses on three teen couples who are entirely unprepared to have a child and their parents or grandparents who must step in and help through this huge life change. Tensions mount between the families as everyone has conflicting ideas for what is best for the young parents and their child – from where they will live to whether or not they should get married.” One of the cast members on the show is a 15-year-old girl named Lexus and the show starts off with her 38-weeks pregnant. According to TLC, she is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Shayden. Meanwhile, Lexus’s mom Kelsey is about to be a 31 year-old grandmother and definitely has her doubts about her daughter’s ability to take on parenthood with boyfriend Shayden. As a teen mother herself when she had daughter Lexus, Kelsey says she knows everything her daughter is and will be going through. To check out Shayden and Lexus’ baby registry, click here. It was put up online for May 2017 and most of the gifts have not been purchased.

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On the show, Lexus reveals how finding out she was pregnant completely changed her life goals. As the school year comes to a close in Monticello, Indiana, Lexus prepares for the arrival of her first child. Lexus’ boyfriend Shayden is 17 years old and says that when he found out Lexus was pregnant, he was very happy, but extremely scared as well. As for what Lexus had to say about discovering she was having a baby, she said she was actually going to the doctor to get on birth control and she was 12 days late for her period. And, even though her mother was with her, she told TLC that she felt very alone when she heard the news. Boyfriend Shayden remains at Lexus’ side even though she can’t leave the house much and doesn’t feel well towards the end of her pregnancy, so Lexus sometimes feels guilt for this.

Lexus’ mother Kelsey said that being a teen mother was not what she ever wanted for her daughter. She also said that she had to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and support Lexus. Kelsey never got to go to college and finish school, but she definitely wants Lexus to make it to college. Lexus has said that kids at her school have doubted she will finish high school, but she’s determined to prove them wrong. She says that now that she’s pregnant, school has become her number one priority. She wants to be able to go to college and become a success for her unborn daughter Scarlett.

Barbara Broedel, one of Lexus’ teachers, had been very supportive of Lexus as she dealt with her pregnancy because her own daughter went through the same situation. Broedel said that Lexus has always been a good student and she said that she wishes she had more students just like her. Lexus says she refuses to be a statistic.

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Have Shayden ck out the comments under the first video on this post….and calling your 12 day old baby “A BRAT” under yr breath is surely not “GOOD FATHERLY BEHAVIOR” and treating to take that baby is something Lexus needs to take into consideration……but no worries honey no Judge in their right mind would allow this to happen with the obvious proof you have on film!!
One can only hope and pray that Shayden will soften his heart, take some parenting classes, and back the hell up and stop telling Lexus she don’t know what she is doing. The more you try to ASSERT YR BIG MAN AUTHORITY over a lil baby the more you look like you don’t know what you are doing. Why have you changed and why are you so trying this INTIMIDATION THING over Lexus if you want her love and respect get off her back. You need to take a look at it b/c it looks a lot like you are abusing both the baby and her mother.
And….Ms Lexus sweety get a backbone you are the ONLY VOICE THAT BABY HAS RIGHT NOW!!! It is so heartbreaking to o see you in fear of someone who is suppose to love and SUPPORT you… Not tear you down. Listen to your mother darl’n as he only has your best interest at heart and you dot hear her threatening to run off with your precious, beautiful lil Angel Scarlett!!!


IF Lexus & her mom don’t wake up ….I am terribly afraid that Shayden might end up harming the baby or killing her.
PLEASE get him out of your life, and get a PPO against him. Where does he get the idea he knows more than Lexus’ mom ? I would kick his ass to the curb had he talked to my daughter or granddaughter than way.