Miss Universe 2017 Pageant: Top 10 Contestants Revealed LIVE

Tonight is the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant and the top 16 semi-finalists have been narrowed down to the top 10. Prior to revealing the top 10 contestants, the top 16 were picked out of the 92 participants this year and they were Miss Thailand, Miss Sri Lanka, Miss Ghana, Miss South Africa, Miss Spain, Miss Ireland, Miss Croatia, Miss Great Britain, Miss Colombia, Miss USA, Miss Brazil, Miss Canada, Miss Philippines, Miss Venezuela, Miss Jamaica, and Miss China. They then strutted across the stage in their swimwear for the swimsuit competition, with drummers and back-up dancers performing in the background. While the contestants generally wear bikinis, there was one contestant who wore one-piece bathing suit tonight. Miss Thailand rocked a blue one-piece swimsuit and a pink sarong.

Voters at home, along with the judges aided in choosing the top 10 contestants and the first contestant revealed was Miss Venezuela. She has pursued a career in mechanical engineering and hopes to break out of the stereotypes that this is a job for men. She prides herself on dedication and hard work. And, next up was Miss USA, who said that she wanted to become a scientist from a young age. She said she struggled with math, but fell in love with science and worked hard to excel in the field. The next candidate revealed was Miss Philippines. She said that she has a love for the ocean and has always lived near the beach. She also recently opened her own coffee shop and she loves starting her own business. Miss Canada was revealed as the next finalist and she was shown talking about empowerment for women. She has an engineering degree, enjoys boxing and says she’s had to focus on the end goal when trying to achieve her dreams. Next up was Miss South Africa, who revealed that she was once carjacked at gunpoint. She managed to run away after punching the man in the throat. As a result, she decided to form a group called Women InPowered so that women can learn to defend themselves. And next was Miss Spain, who opened up about being self-conscious about being so tall. Over the years, she has experienced bullying but has excelled in basketball. Also a finalist is Miss Brazil, who says that her huge family is everything. She says she loves spending time with them and also enjoys inspiring others by embracing your differences.

The next finalist revealed was Miss Colombia, who says that her family is her team. She said that she was bullied growing up as “the fat girl” in her class. Following Colombia was Miss Thailand, who said she didn’t know what she was going to do with her life, but ultimately realized she wanted to make a difference when it comes to teenage pregnancy. She says that she hopes to help teen moms pursue their dreams and educations. And the final spot went to Miss Jamaica. The next round to be narrowed down will be the top 5 women tonight.

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