Morgan, Crossover Character from ‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fans finally know who the new crossover character in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead universe is going to be. We’ve been waiting ever since the information was “spilled” during Comic-Con. Tonight on Talking Dead, we learned that Morgan will be the crossover characters. And fans are really excited about the announcement. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Morgan Is the Crossover Character

Morgan has been announced as the new crossover character who will appear on Fear the Walking Dead. Fans are shocked — no one guessed this. Lennie James said on Talking Dead that he had just finished filming in Atlanta and is now filming in Austin, Texas for Fear.

Scott Gimple said that even though Morgan will be featured on Fear, he has a lot of story left on The Walking Dead. He will give them a chance to show Fears’ characters through new and familiar eyes, Gimple said.

However, is there any chance that Morgan will be leaving The Walking Dead? Melissa McBride was on Talking Dead tonight and said she felt like crying when she saw Lennie on the satellite camera. That made it sound like Lennie might not be around that much longer, but fans aren’t sure and Talking Dead certainly wasn’t revealing any spoilers of that nature.

Lennie told the viewers that he hopes everyone comes with him to Fear, because he’s looking forward to exploring the character in a new way.

2. Morgan is Crossing Over to ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ But How Does That Fit in the Timeline?

AMCMadison and Victor

Morgan will be crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead. Fans have been wondering for a while which show was going to contribute the crossover character. The detail was accidentally leaked early over the weekend.  The plans were revealed by The Walking Dead’s Twitter account in a tweet that was later taken down. The tweet read: “TOMORROW you will discover on @AMCTalkingDead who from #TheWalkingDead will join #FearTWD Season 4! Who do you think it is??”

But how will Morgan’s crossover fit into the timeline? In Season 1, Morgan was in King County when Rick woke up. He, his son Duane, and his wife Jenny had left their home and traveled to Atlanta at the government’s urging. But they ended up having to take shelter in someone else’s home, and his wife somehow got bitten. When Rick found him, his son was with him, and his wife had just turned into a walker. She kept revisiting the home they had holed up in.

The next time we saw Morgan was in the Season 3 episode called “Clear.” By this time, Morgan had gone crazy and was still in King County. Then we see him in Season 5, hiking to Terminus.

Last season, Fear the Walking Dead was taking place right around the time Rick was waking up in The Walking Dead universe. That means that Morgan had to be in Atlanta. However, we know that Morgan went a little crazy after Rick left, then was really crazy when he encountered Rick in “Clear,” until he was saved by Eastman and converted back to the peace-loving person we’ve seen more recently.

So it’s tough to pinpoint exactly how Morgan ended up in Texas. Considering where Fear is in The Walking Dead’s timeline, it seems like Morgan traveled to Texas sometime between seeing Rick in Season 1 and his appearance in “Clear.” However, if Fear the Walking Dead jumps forward in time a bit, then perhaps this will take place sometime between “Clear” and when Morgan ran into Eastman. When he ran into Eastman, he was roaming around the woods in Atlanta. Why did he take a jaunt over to Texas at some point?

There’s another possibility however… Perhaps we will see a backstory for a Fear character in the form of a flashback that takes place before the zombie outbreak, and that is when we will see Morgan.

To learn more about where Fear takes place in The Walking Dead timeline, read Heavy’s story below:

3. Morgan Will Appear on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4

You won’t have to wait too long to see Morgan. He’ll be appearing on Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. The show’s next season will take place in Texas, and we know that Lennie James will begin filming in Austin, Texas on Monday. The show had previously confirmed that it filmed in Bartlett over Thanksgiving, which is about an hour north of Austin.

We don’t know exactly when Season 4 will begin. But Season 3 premiered June 4, 2017 and Season 2 premiered April 10, 2016. A lot of people thought that Season 3 was delayed so the show wouldn’t compete directly with Game of Thrones. But it’s likely we’ll see Season 4 beginning sometime between April and June, 2018.

When news of the crossover was first announced, many fans immediately thought the character would be Abraham. He was in Houston with his family and after his family died, he met up with Eugene and Rosita. So with Fear the Walking Dead‘s next season taking place in Texas, it was easy to imagine that Abraham would be a natural choice for a prequel story. He’s also a big fan favorite, so fans would be glad to see him return to The Walking Dead universe in some form or fashion.

However, Morgan is NOT a disappointment. Fans are ecstatic. He’s a fascinating character. But how did he end up in Texas?

4. Some Fans Had Hoped the Crossover Would Be from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

AMCAbraham and Sasha

But some fans will be disappointed by the announcement. They had hoped that the crossover would be from Fear the Walking Dead to The Walking Dead. An obvious choice for that was Nick, since he’s a very talented survivor and knows a lot of tricks for staying alive. Of course, Madison and Alicia were also brought up as options. Madison is already in that headspace that took Rick a long time to find. Her meeting up with Rick would be fascinating. Meanwhile, the actress who plays Alicia — Alycia Debnam Carey — has a huge fan following from The 100. Bringing her onto The Walking Dead might be a great way to improve ratings on the show, since the show’s taken a dip this season. But it looks like we won’t be seeing any of these outcomes, at least not now. Who knows, maybe the showrunners will consider another crossover if this one does well.

5. Some Fans Think ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is Better than ‘The Walking Dead’ Now

Although Fear the Walking Dead started slow, it’s gained a lot of momentum lately. It doesn’t have the viewers that The Walking Dead has, but a lot of fans are saying now that it’s even better than the original. FearTWD started out with a lot of hatred and lost viewers early on because it skipped past the beginning of the zombie apocalypse so quickly. (And it didn’t offer much of an explanation about the source of the zombie virus.) But this past season has been phenomenal for the show. If you haven’t watched in a while, you should definitely check it out.

What do you think about the crossover announcement? Let us know in the comments below.

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