‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Episode 6 Memes: Fan Reactions to *That* Twist

Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 6

USA Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 6

WOW. The ending to Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 6 might just be the best twist we’ve seen on the show since Season 1. And fans are going to be talking about that ending all week long. Fans are already sharing memes and reactions to that crazy twist. What did you think of the ending? Let us know in the comments below.

This post will have spoilers for Season 3 Episode 6. 

Here are some memes and reactions from fellow fans about THAT ending. Can you relate to how they feel?


None of us expected that 71 BUILDINGS WERE GOING TO BLOW UP. Or that the New York building was just a decoy to distract Elliot while Whiterose carried out her real plan. Will Angela still be on board when she realizes what happened? Will Mr. Robot decide to side with Elliot now and they’ll start working together?

Was anyone else really worried about Elliot when he kept going back into the building that was supposed to blow up?

When everyone was watching the newscast at the end of the episode, it was reminiscent of 9/11. This was kind of like seventy-one 9/11s happening all at once. The look on everyone’s faces as they saw all those people dying and those buildings being demolished all at the same time…

But what is Whiterose’s endgame here? Are they building a bridge to a parallel universe? Are they creating a time machine so they can go back and gain even more power (under the guise of bringing Angela’s mom back?)

And still, we’re wondering just what Whiterose said to Angela to get her to be so loyal. Does Angela believe she can somehow bring her mom and Elliot’s dad back to life?

And Elliot’s got to be wondering what the heck Angela was talking about too. For someone to make Elliot look sane… Well that takes some talent.

This really felt like a season finale, but it was only episode 6.

Meanwhile, some fans are just stuck on how Darlene could have possibly been so mean to those Girl Scouts!

If you thought your anxiety level for last week was high, it was just preparation for this week.

Stage 2 was always going to be THIS.

Only Tyrell came out on top. Well, after learning that his wife is dead and his baby is gone. He won’t be getting that family vacation. But maybe by turning himself in and pretending to try to stop Stage 2, he’ll somehow earn his freedom.

And now that the episode is over, fans are just left feeling like this:

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