Olivia Jordan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Actress, model and Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan attends the SI Swimsuit 2018 Model Search celebration and preview of the Sports Illustrated Swim and Active Collection at Mr. Purple in Hotel Indigo LES November 1, 2017 in New York City.

Olivia Jordan is ready to make her mark on the world. The 29-year-old actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder is one of six finalists in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue this year.

Jordan was one of six women selected from a pool of 5,000 applicants. The other five include Allie Ayers, Iyonna Fairbanks, Olivia Jordan, Haley Kalil, Camille Kostek and Tabria Majors. All six women will appear in the 2018 issue as model search contestants.

Here’s what we know about Olivia Jordan.

1. She Was Miss USA 2015

Some things you may not know yet about me— I'm a total introvert 🍃 I have to pump myself up to meet people and take lots of "me time" to restore my energy afterwards,👁 I'm a sugar addict (especially frozen yogurt and gluten free cupcakes),🍦in my dream life I'm a yogi 🙏🏼 but currently weights and hikes are my main workouts, I LIVE to dance 💃🏼 (it's not always pretty),🙈 I get the hangriest- sorry to all those that deal with it,😖 I say hi to every pup I see, 🐶 I met the love of my life @jayhector while hiking at Runyon,😳💞 I carry a notebook with me nearly everywhere I go- for journaling and endless to-do lists,📓family comes first for me (thats something I understand the importance of more every year that goes by),❤️ and I talk to my sister @allieturtle at least twice a day cuz she's my bestest friend in the Universe.👯 What else do you want to know about me??? What can you tell me about YOU?😸 #image @gailbowmanphotography #mua @beautybymelina #friday #funfacts

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Olivia was Miss World United States 2013 and was named Miss USA on July 12, 2015. As Miss USA, she was the 2nd runner up to Miss Universe 2015. She is the first woman from Oklahoma to be crowned Miss USA.

As a model, she’s been featured in national campaigns for retailers like Target, David’s Bridal, and in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Shape and Maxim.

The model has found that with more success has come more opportunity. She tells Tulsa World, “I’m just blessed that opportunities keep coming my way… I remember being asked as a 10-year-old what I wanted to be and saying I wanted to be an actress and a model. And I think that was my early goal because of all the shows we went to, seeing people I knew doing creative things with their lives. It made me realize how the arts are something that really brings us all together.”

2. She Graduated from Boston University

According to her IMDB page, Olivia graduated from Boston University, where she majored in Health Science and worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at BU’s FITREC facility.

Growing up in Tulsa, Jordan was exposed to and heavily involved in the arts. In an interview with Tulsa World, she shared, “I fear I took it for granted in a way because I can’t think of a time in my life when the arts weren’t a part of my life… It was just an integral part of my childhood — going with my parents to visit the museums, taking art classes at Philbrook, going to shows at the Performing Arts Center. And the schools I went to — Monte Cassino and Bishop Kelley — both had great music and art classes. So it was all around me, and I know it pushed me into pursuing a creative life of my own.”

3. She Is an Aspiring Actress

Along with modeling, Jordan hopes to find success as an actress. She was a party guest in Ted in 2012, and she also played Jessica in two episodes of Murder in the First. In Hot Tub Time Machine, she played a bridesmaid.

Jordan says that the interaction between acting and modeling can be both a help and a hindrance. She tells Tulsa World, “There is a huge stereotype associated with the pageant world that you have to overcome… There was a top film producer that my agent had been trying for a long time to arrange a meeting, but he kept saying he didn’t have the time. Then, when I was Miss USA, he wanted to meet — although the first thing he said was, ‘I just don’t understand this pageant thing — it’s got nothing to do with acting.” She continues, “On the other hand, there are those who appreciate the accomplishment, who realize that you’re someone who’s willing to work hard and do what’s necessary to accomplish something.”

4. Her Feet Are Her Favorite Part of Her Body

In April, I posted a video on Instagram hoping to get @mj_day's attention.🍃 (Thank you to all of you who spread the word sharing #OJforSI making sure MJ & @si_swimsuit saw my video.)💞 Out of over 5,000 submissions, I got picked to go to NYC with 34 incredible women for a casting in May. In July, 15 of us flew to Miami Swim Week to launch the #SISwimsuit swimwear line and strut the runway wearing iconic suits from #SISwim covers through the years.👙 Last week, the #Final6 took over NYC spreading the news the we each get to be featured in the 2018 issue.🙌🏼 And now, its the 10 day countdown until we jet to @mbvbelize to shoot with @yutsai88 and literally LIVE THE DREAM.🙏🏼 I am so grateful I took the chance and posted that video. I was so scared of public failure, putting out to the world what I wanted with the very real possibility of having it not come through.😬But if I hadn't of taken a deep breath and clicked "SHARE", imagine how different my year would have been?! So if you are on the brink of making that call, sending that email, stepping into that interview that could change your life and you are full of fear, DO IT ANYWAY.👊🏼 Because on the other side of fear, could be the unfolding of all your wildest dreams coming true.💘💘💘 #dreambig #yougotthis #siswimsearch #belizebound #capture @france.and.jesse

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In a recent interview with the New York Post, Jordan joked, “My feet are my favorite part of my body.”

At 5’11”, Jordan admits that being tall has not always been easy. Speaking to the New York Post, she describes her teenage self as “tall, awkwardly lanky, and insecure.” At 14, she enrolled in a modeling workshop.

Speaking to the outlet about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search, Jordan recently said, “I have always dreamed of being an SI swimsuit model, which has led me to follow the Instagram accounts of the magazine, photographers and creative director for years. One week, I saw all platforms posting about an opportunity to submit an application for a model search via Instagram and I knew I had to take the chance. I posted a video, tagged #SISwimSearch and crossed my fingers.”

5. She Helped Get the HOPE Act for Alzheimer’s Passed in Congress

Jordan is an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association, and according to People, she sites one of her biggest accomplishments to date as getting the HOPE Act for Alzheimer’s passed in Congress.

Tulsa World reports that Olivia worked with her father to speak with US senators about how the HOPE Act for Alzheimer’s “would increase access to information on care and support for newly diagnosed individuals and their families.”

Jordan shares, “Just to be there with my dad, trying to accomplish this huge thing, and being able to use my title as a way to gain access to certain people, was one of the highlights of my time as Miss USA.”

She has also been involved in Smile Train, and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Jordan is also an outstanding advocate of Children of the Night, an organization dedicated to getting children out of prostitution in the US.

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