WATCH: Ryan Edwards on Drugs, Driving High to His Wedding [VIDEO]

Last season on Teen Mom OG, Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie Standifer were on their way to their mini-wedding when Edwards appeared to be high on drugs while driving. He began nodding off and Standifer took hold of the wheel. When the episode with this footage aired, MTV released a statement to Us Weekly, which read, “MTV does not condone driving under the influence. Ryan’s erratic behavior was due to actions that he took without anyone’s prior knowledge.” Have a look at the disturbing video above.

In the past, Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards has been accused of doing drugs by viewers who sound off on social media. Some have commented that a certain look he has had in his eyes on the show is because of drugs. However, no mention or confirmation of drug use has been made on the show, by Edwards or by his family … until last season when his baby mama Maci Bookout opened up to her co-stars about Edwards’ alleged drug use. Recently, Bookout appeared on the Teen Mom 2 finale and revealed that she and Edwards’ family has been on the outs since the allegations first came out. Bookout says they feel betrayed that she shared these issues on Teen Mom OG. On Teen Mom OG, Bookout voiced that she felt Edwards’ family wasn’t doing anything to help put a stop to the drug use. Clearly, this has impacted her relationship with them.

When Edwards received backlash over the above footage, he released the following statement, revealing that he had gone to rehab, “A little over 30 days ago, I made the decision to check myself into a rehabilitation facility. I am back home now doing well, and life could not be better. Without the support of my wife and parents I would not have been able to do this. Thank you all for your well wishes.” Recently, Edwards’ wife Mackenzie told E! News that her husband is doing well, gushing that, “He’s doing amazing. I’m really truly impressed. I’m so proud of him and he is trying so hard. I mean, I can’t imagine what that’s like. I’m so proud.” Once Edwards got out of rehab, he posted a meme with a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. and the words, “I have a dream that one day my psycho baby’s mama will shut the fuck up.” This season, it was actually other stars on the show who brought up Edwards’ drug use (Amber Portwood in particular) and Bookout took that opportunity to open up about the issues. From that point on, Edwards’ drug use was a major topic on the show.

One person who was especially upset with Bookout was Edwards’ wife, who appeared on last season’s Teen Mom OG reunion with a letter she read out loud to Bookout. In the letter, Standifer stated, “Maci you told me to my face merely days after I had informed you that Ryan was seeking help that you have known about his problem since November … that was 186 days he could’ve died and still you said nothing. You let everyone know that you feared for his life while concurrently exploiting Ryan’s addiction on the show. I had only known about it for two days before Ryan was walking into treatment. Instead of solving the problem or doing what you could to make an effort to solve it, you decided to humiliate Ryan.” Standifer ended the letter by saying, “Helping Ryan doesn’t mean talking about all of his problems on national television, it means being supportive. Not kicking someone down and respecting the privacy we all so graciously deserve.