‘Stranger Things 2’: Top Unanswered Questions & Theories

Netflix Stranger Things

Now that Stranger Things 2 has released, fans are excited to be delving into the mysteries of the show. But once you reach that last episode, you’ll realize that there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Here are some of the top questions and theories left behind.

Spoilers for Season 2 of Stranger Things. 

We Know the Shadow Monster/Mind Flayer Controls the Demogorgons, But How?

We know now that the Shadow Monster aka the Mind Flayer is creating a hive mind and controlling the Demogorgons and the tentacles, and it almost controlled Will too. But how is it doing this? Are there other creatures under its control?

There seems to be quite a connection between the Shadow Monster’s powers and the psychic powers of the kids in the government experiments. Eleven has the telepathy and she can enter an astral plane and reach out to people anywhere else in the world. And Eight has the ability to make people see things that aren’t there (or not see things that are there.) Are the kids’ powers tapping into the same “source” that fuels the Mind Flayer? The same source that allows the hive mind? Could all the kids from the experiment be capable of creating their own hive mind?

Will We See Eight Again? And Where Are the Other Kids: 1-7 and 9-10?

Which brings us to the next question — when will we see Eight again? Although Episode 7 was disliked by many fans, Eight could still have a significant role to play. But it seems like fans would prefer if that role were in Hawkins, not off in her own environment. For that matter, we also know there are nine other kids out there we haven’t seen, who were experimented on and may also have powers of their own. Will we see some of them in Season 3?

What Happened to the Shadow in Will’s Mind?

Remember when Will was taken over by the Shadow in a “virus” type of way, and it was driven out by extreme heat? When it was driven out, it seemed to just flee into the sky, but we never saw what happened to that part of the Shadow Monster. Did it die? Did it return to the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer? Or is it out there, seeking another host?

One theory is that the tentacles were excreting an Upside Down atmosphere so the Mind Flayer could survive in the “real world,” since the Demogorgons clearly don’t need that atmosphere to survive. If that’s the case, then maybe the shadow in Will’s mind just died, unless it was able to find an atmosphere to exist in pretty quick.

Were Hopper and Dustin Infected?

Remember when a strange plant seemed to “spew” some type of poison onto Hopper, that he breathed in, and then later Dustin? Well, the lab gave Hopper the all clear, so he seemed to get out of it OK. But Dustin was never checked out. He was wearing a rag over his nose, but cried out about something getting into his mouth. We don’t know if that was actually real, and he covered it up later pretending to be OK, or if that was just a joke.

Is Dr. Brenner Still Alive?

Eight insisted that Dr. Brenner was still alive, although she might have been saying that to manipulate Eleven. Eleven is convinced that Brenner’s dead, but never actually entered the astral plan to find out. So we’re left with that unanswered question and the possibility that Brenner might make a reappearance in Season 3.

Why Would Will’s Visions Stop?

Remember, Will was actually having visions before the Mind Flayer infected him. There’s no reason his visions should stop now.  If they do, that doesn’t make a lot of sense…

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