POLL: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 vs Season 2 — Which Was Better?

Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things 2 was absolutely amazing and pretty much the perfect sequel to Stranger Things‘ first season. But not every fan agrees with that assessment. Do you? Take our poll at the end of this article and let us know how you think Stranger Things compared to Stranger Things 2. 

Some fans are saying that Season 2 paled because it didn’t have the same level of suspense as Season 1 (at least not until the very end.) But others are saying that Season 2 is even better than Season 1. What do you think?

Some fans thought we needed more shady government goings on and mysteries, rather than solving and tying up the ones from Season 1. And most fans weren’t too happy about Episode 7, since they love Hawkins and really don’t want to leave the town.

But Season 2 had some beautiful moments. Dustin’s relationship with the Demogorgon was gold. Eleven’s relationship with Hopper really stole our hearts. Understanding more about what happened to her mom and realizing that Brenner might still be around — those were pretty big revelations. And the mystery about the Shadow Monster, along with how it controlled Will and figuring out those maps he was drawing — those were all great plot points that really drew us in.

Bob really was the new Barb of the season. We loved him and then we lost him.

For that matter, the new characters didn’t feel forced at all. Bob fit right in. Billy and Max were fun and intriguing. Lucas’ family, especially his little sister, was great. And I’m still feeling a big RIP for Mews.

Seven and Mike’s relationship was incredibly touching, to say the least. And the mystery of Billy’s father could lead to some interesting developments next season. Not to mention the brief love triangle with Dustin, Lucas and Max — that was just adorable.

Some fans were sad that we didn’t get more of an explanation as to what the Upside Down really is, or how the Demogorgons are controlled by the Shadow Monster. But we did learn a lot about their life cycle and how those tentacles work.

Season 2 still hit the ball out of the park with the immersion in 80s culture. Joyce was still an amazing and fiercely determined mother to watch. And seeing the kids solve the mystery and work together again: that’s the heart of the show, and we got it all over again.

What did you think? How did Season 2 stack up to Season 1? Let us know in the poll below.