Why Is ‘The Orville’ a Rerun Tonight? When Does It Return?

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FOX The Orville

If you tuned in to watch The Orville at its regular time of 9 p.m. Eastern tonight, November 23, you might have noticed something a little unusual. Instead of the new Episode 11 that you were expecting, FOX is airing a rerun tonight. The episode “Krill” is airing again this evening instead of Episode 11. So why isn’t The Orville on tonight and when is it returning with Episode 11?

The new episode of The Orville will air next week, on November 30 at 9 p.m. Eastern on FOX. 

The Orville isn’t airing tonight because it’s Thanksgiving. Most stations don’t air new episodes of their shows on Thanksgiving night. So don’t worry, the show isn’t canceled and it won’t be gone for long.

Some TV shows take a longer break starting with Thanksgiving, but The Orville is coming back the very next week with Episode 11, which is called “New Dimensions.” Unfortunately, the show won’t be back for long after the that. The Season 1 finale is on December 7, with Episode 12, called “Mad Idolatry.”

Below is a trailer for next week’s episode:

Here’s the synopsis for next week:

Discovering that Lt. Lamarr is smarter than he lets on, Kelly pushes Ed to consider him for a key leadership position after the Orville gets damaged by a mysterious spatial anomaly.

The Orville has been a surprising hit. It has great ratings and fans are absolutely raving about it. It’s performed well even when compared to CBS new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery. Most sci-fi fans love both shows. But they say that The Orville gives them that old-time Trek feeling (a la Next Generation) that they’ve been missing for years. The show is hitting a home run.

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