Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Coming Home for Christmas’ Filmed?

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Most Hallmark Christmas movies aren’t actually filmed in the towns where they take place. Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas movie, Coming Home for Christmas, takes place on an Ashford Estate in the Virginia countryside. But the movie wasn’t actually filmed in Virginia. It was actually filmed at a multimillion-dollar mansion in Canada. (Note: This should not be mixed up with an earlier movie in 2013 called Norman Rockwell’s Coming Home for Christmas.)

Coming Home for Christmas was filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia. You can visit the Ashford Estate, which is actually a $13 million mansion in Langley, British Columbia. 

Some of the locations where filming took place for the movie include:

  • Downtown Abbotsford
  • Montrose Avenue in Abbotsford
  • Fort Langley
  • Private Mansion at 558 248th Street in Langley

Langley, British Columbia was one of the locations for some scenes filmed in Coming Home for Christmas. The city has a population of just 25,000 (as of 2011) and the city’s downtown is very pedestrian oriented, lined with cute restaurants and shops on either side. But it looks like it was downtown Abbotsford in Canada that was filmed for this movie, not downtown Langley. Abbotsford has a population of 141,000 (as of 2016).

Downtown Abbotsford is known for its beautiful Christmases, including a Winter Jubilee held in early December.

But the movie wasn’t filmed in December, it was filmed in August. Here’s a look at what downtown Abbotsford looked like as they prepared for the film:

Parts of the movie were also filmed at Fort Langley.

But of greatest interest to readers is probably the real-life location of the Ashford Estate. As you can see from earlier in this story, the Estate was filmed at a private mansion in Langley. Here’s a video about the beautiful mansion, just filmed in 2016.

558 248th Street, Langley BC | Jonathan Lu PREC*2016-08-04T17:53:30.000Z

The mansion is 12,000 square feet and worth $13 million.

Here are some more pictures from the filming:

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