Did Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Ever Date?

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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have been touring together and now they are co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special for 2017 – 2018. Cooper has also been a guest on Cohen’s late-night show Watch What Happens Live and the two have discussed their longtime friendship many times. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Cohen revealed that Cooper was “freakier” in bed than he is and this, of course, led to questions about their past together. Cooper revealed that the two went on one date and Cooper was immediately turned off. On an episode of the Tonight Show, Cooper recalled, “We were set up on a blind date, we had a phone call to set up the date. I was a young reporter at ABC, he was at CBS and I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen. He violated my cardinal rule, which is he asked me about my mom within the first minute of talking to me.”

Cooper’s mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress and fashion designer. Today, she and Andy Cohen have a nice email relationship and Cohen joked that, “I wanted to date the Vanderbilt boy! I was excited!”

So, what can we expect from the duo’s New Year’s Eve gig? Recently, Cooper dished to People that his co-host Cohen has mainly been focused on his wardrobe for the event. Cooper joked, “Andy keeps talking about what he’s going to wear, which is the least of my concerns. I don’t think he understands how cold it is on New Years Eve. He keeps talking about getting a fitting for something to wear. I’m like, ‘You don’t need a fitting, you need arctic boots.’” Andy Cohen chimed in that he’s looking for “fun boots” for the event. He also said that what makes his friendship and business relationship with Cooper work is this: “I like making him laugh. Obviously, what we are broadcasting could not be more diametrically opposed. But there’s a commonality that we have in that we’re both live on TV at night. And I think that’s something we share that other’s don’t.”

When Cooper added details on his chemistry with buddy Cohen and discussed what it will bring to their NYE special, he said, “Andy is who is he and he’s kind of the life of the party wherever he goes. And I think it’s going to reflect our friendship and the comfort we have with each other and the dynamic of our relationship. We’re as curious to see where it goes and what happens! We’re both eager and excited about it.” Cohen and Cooper will ring in the new year on CNN, with their special beginning at 8 p.m. ET and running until 12:30 a.m. ET.