Which Black Mirror Episodes Does ‘Anyone Who Knows What Love Is’ Appear In?

Black Mirror Season 4

Netflix Black Mirror Season 4

A familiar song has appeared in multiple Black Mirror episodes, and now it’s appearing in Season 4 too. The song is called “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is,” and it has a pretty dark history on the show. It’s one of the few “Easter eggs” to appear consistently in every season of Black Mirror. Here are all the details you need to know about this song. This post has minor spoilers for Season 4’s Crocodile and major spoilers for other seasons. 

The song has appeared a few times in the Black Mirror universe. Most recently, it appeared in the third episode of Black Mirror Season 4. It’s in the episode called Crocodile and it plays a major role in the episode. The song is playing during a Fences Pizza wreck. But that’s not the only time we’ve heard this song. The song first appears in Season 1’s Fifteen Million Merits. It’s the song that Abi sings in the Hot Shots reality show. Sadly, she loses and ends up taking an offer as a porn star. But despite her not winning, the song still grows massively in popularity.

In White Christmas (the Season 2 special), Beth sings the song for karaoke. It’s probably safe to guess that the song became popular again thanks to Hot Shots, and that’s why Beth is singing the song. She probably heard Abi sing it in the reality show. In Men Against Fire, one of the female characters briefly sings the song. It doesn’t play a huge role in the episode, but it certainly does make an appearance.

“Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” was originally sung by Irma Thomas in 1964. It ranked No. 52 on pop charts and was released by Imperial Records. Thomas is an American singer from New Orleans, born in 1941. In 2007 she won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album for “After the rain,” her first Grammy in a career that lasted more than 50 years. In 2013 and 2014, she won Soul Blues Female Artist in the Blues Music Award. You can hear her performance below:

Irma Thomas Anyone Who Knows What Love IsAnyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas the Soul Queen of New Orleans2010-08-07T10:26:29.000Z

Here is Abi’s version from Fifteen Million Merits, sung by Jessica Brown-Findlay.

Jessica Brown-Findlay (Abi) – Anyone who knows what love is (HD+Extended+Lyrics ) (Black Mirror)If you want the song: mega.nz/#!kcsAxA5Q!RTLbO3yjhUMiHpQrH3JRkC-282djCTExqD0QqGq23aI (Yes, I know lyrics are wrong, there's nothing I can do, sorry). This is a version I made from the song "Anyone who knows what love is (will understand). It's from Black Mirror, a television drama series created by Charlie Brooker. This is the episode "15 Million Merits" and…2012-01-07T04:19:29.000Z

Because Black Mirror takes place so far ahead in the future, it’s likely the song regained popularity in the show’s universe because of Abi’s appearance on the Hot Shots reality show. And this probably isn’t the last time we’ll hear this song. It’s a safe bet that it will appear at some point in Season 5 too.

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