‘Black Mirror’ Arkangel: Meet the Cast


Now that Black Mirror Season 4 has been released, it’s time to meet the cast for the different episodes. The episode Arkangel — the second episode in the season — was directed by Jodie Foster and written by Charlie Brooker. There’s a lot of hype about this episode, since Jodie Foster has a pretty impressive history to her name. We’re still talking about Contact, all these years later, as just one example. Well, the episode definitely lives up to that hype. Here’s more about the cast.


Rosemarie DeWitt plays Marie the mother and one of the main characters in the episode. DeWitt has a long and successful history in TV and film, so she may look very familiar to you. Her previous credits include The Last Tycoon, Magic Bullet, Poltergeist (2015), The Week, La La Land (Laura), Sweet Virginia, Digging for Fire, Kill the Messenger, Men Women & Children, Olive Kittredge, The Watch, Your Sister’s Sister, United States of Tara (Charmaine Craine), Mad Men (Midge Daniels), The Company Men, Standoff (Emily Lehman), Rescue Me, Cinderella Man, Sex and the City (Fern), and more.

A Place to Call HomeBrenna Harding in A Place to Call Home.

Brenna Harding plays the oldest Sara and she’s absolutely perfect in the role. She’ll likely look familiar to you too, since she’s been on so many different projects. Her credits include A Place to Call Home (Rose O’Connell), The Code (Alyse), Secret City (Cassie), Puberty Blues (Sue Knight), The Turning, Packet to the Rafters, The Road Home, My Place (Kath), and more.

Owen Teague plays the oldest Trick. His previous credits include It (Patrick Hockstetter), Bloodline (Nolan Rayburn/Young Danny), Cell, Mercy Street, Bones, Walt Before Mickey, Wild in Blue, Echoes of War, Reckless, The Visitation, Under and Above, Contest, CollegeHumor Originals, NCIS: Los Angeles, Malibou County, and more.

Aniya Hodge plays Sara at age 3. She was previously a singer on Kids’ CBC.

Sarah Abbot plays Sara at age 9. Her previous credits include Cardinals, The Rick Mercer Report, Houdini and Doyle, Lavender, Slasher, Heroes Reborn (young Malina), The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean), Dangerous Persuasions, Odd Squad, Max and Shred, and more.

Nicholas Campbell plays Russ, Marie’s dad and Sara’s grandfather. He has a long string of credits to his name, including Neverknock, Tin Star, Awakening the Zodiac, Heartland (Will Vernon), Shoot the Messenger, Private Eyes, The Girlfriend Experience, Rookie Blue (Jay Swarek), Orphan Black (Willard Finch), Little Coffins, Backcountry, Rocky Road, Klondike, Republic of Doyle (Martin Poole), Less than Kind (Jim Sheridan), Cracked, Haven (Police Chief Wuornos), King, A Heartland Christmas, Murdoch Mysteries, The Border, Flashpoint, Da Vinci’s City Hall, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Bury the Lead, Human Cargo, Full Disclosure, The Outer Limits, Due South, Street Legal, and much, much more.

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Angela Vint: anesthetist
  • Jason Weinberg: Surgeon
  • Sabryn Rock: Pippa
  • Edward Charette: Young man at park
  • Carlos Pinder: Man who finds Sara
  • Jenny Raven: Jasmine
  • Paul Braunstein: Anthony
  • Nicky Torchia: Trick age 12
  • Mckayla Twiggs: Meryl age 9
  • Kaleb Young: Cal age 10
  • Matt Baram: Dr. Usborne
  • Michelle Cornelius: School yard teacher
  • Kaden Stephen: Boy in fight
  • Abby Quinn: Meryl
  • Tosh Robertson: Hiro
  • Dempsey Bryk: Cal
  • Ronica Sajnani: Store employee
  • Michelle Giroux: English teacher
  • Edie Inksetter: School Nurse


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