‘Black Mirror’ Crocodile Episode: Meet the Cast


Netlfix Crocodile

Now that Black Mirror Season 4 has been released, it’s time to meet the cast for the different episodes. If some people look familiar to you, there’s likely a good reason. Crocodile, the third episode in the season, was directed by John Hillcoat and written by Charlie Brooker. It was filmed in beautiful Iceland and ranks among some of the darkest episodes yet. But it’s also an episode that will leave you talking for a long time. Here’s more about the cast. (This post has minor spoilers for Crocodile.) 


Andrea Riseborough plays Mia Nolan, a famous, renowned architect. She said she was attracted to the episode because she liked the idea of playing a morally dubious character. The part was originally written for a man, and Andrea suggested that she play that role. There were concerns that the audience would have less sympathy for a woman and they’d be more judgmental. She convinced the producers that this was a good reason to give her that role. Apparently they agreed with her. Once you see the episode, you’ll know that she was absolutely right.

Riseborough will also be appearing in the new series Waco, which is being released soon. She has many credits to her name, including National Treasure, Bloodline, The Death of Stalin, Battle of the Sexes, Birdman, Oblivion, Shadow Dancer, Brighton Rock, The Devil’s Whore, Party Animals, and more.



Kiran Sonia Sawar plays Shazza from Realm Insurance. She’s absolutely phenomenal in her role. Her other credits include Deep State, The Boy with the Topknot, Diana and I, Casualty, Doctors, The Good Karma Hospital, Father Brown, Murdered by My Father, Legends, and more.

Murdoch MysteriesAndrew Gower in another role, in Murdoch Mysteries.

Andrew Gower plays Robert, Mia’s previous friend/boyfriend, who’s now bringing trouble back into her life years later. His previous credits include Outlander (Prince Charles Edward Stuart), Capital (Mark), Black Work, AD the Bible Continues, The Village, Rosewater, Murdoch Mysteries, Monroe, Being Human, and more.

Additional cast in the episode include:

  • Anthony Welch
  • Claire Rushbrook
  • Joshua James: Gordy
  • Adelle Leonce: Noni Harper-Brown
  • Brian Pettifer: William Grange, Dentist
  • Jamie Michle: Simon Nicholls
  • Armin Karina: Farshad, Hotel receptionist
  • Stefan Orn Eggertsson: Finn Nicholls
  • James Eeles: DC Lydon
  • Olafia Hronn Jonsdottir: Felicity Carmichael
  • Dilja Imana: Ali Akhand
  • Sigurdur Sigurjons: Room Service Man

This was a phenomenal episode and each actor really lives up to his or her potential. You can truly feel the emotion in every scene. The synopsis for the episode simply reads: “A woman interviews various people using a device that allows her to access their memories.” But the episode is so much more than that. It will leave you analyzing the episode and talking about it for days.

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