‘Black Mirror’ Crocodile: What Was the Name of That Song?


Netlfix Crocodile

An Easter egg showed up in Black Mirror‘s Crocodile episode that you may have missed. A song that was heavily featured in the episode may have sounded familiar because it’s actually appeared in the series before. In fact, this song has a long history in the Black Mirror universe. Read on for more details. This post will have spoilers for the Crocodile episode and previous Black Mirror seasons. 

A certain song was playing when Fences Pizza hit the pedestrian during Crocodile. This most recognizable lyric from the song is “Anyone who knows what love is will understand.” The song was the feature song in Fifteen Million Merits. Yes, that was the song that Abi Khan sang in the reality show Hot Shots. It was a big hit, but it wasn’t enough for her to win the show — instead, it just bought her a ticket into a porn production. But despite her not winning, we’ve seen ample evidence that in the Black Mirror universe, the song had a resurgence in popularity after her Hot Shot appearance.

Interestingly, we hear the song multiple times in the Crocodile episode. The insurance agent is listening to it while she’s driving, and Mia mentions really liking the song too. It was playing during the accident, so Shazza (the insurance agent) uses the song to trigger people’s memories while she’s investigating what happened.

People talk about how much they like the song, which is ironic because apparently no one knows this version of the song’s tragic backstory. This also indicates that no one knows the tragic backstory of the reality show either. (Unless people are just so jaded in this universe that they just don’t care.)

This isn’t the first time that this song has appeared in an episode. We also heard it in White Christmas when it was used in karaoke, and we heard it in Men Against Fire when a woman sang it briefly in a short scene. But the song hasn’t been the focus of an entire plotline since Fifteen Million Merits.

The song was originally sung by Irma Thomas in the 1960s. Here’s her version:

Irma Thomas Anyone Who Knows What Love IsAnyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas the Soul Queen of New Orleans2010-08-07T10:26:29.000Z

But of course, in the Black Mirror universe, it became popular thanks to the reality show and Abi’s version:

Jessica Brown-Findlay (Abi) – Anyone who knows what love is (HD+Extended+Lyrics ) (Black Mirror)If you want the song: mega.nz/#!kcsAxA5Q!RTLbO3yjhUMiHpQrH3JRkC-282djCTExqD0QqGq23aI (Yes, I know lyrics are wrong, there's nothing I can do, sorry). This is a version I made from the song "Anyone who knows what love is (will understand). It's from Black Mirror, a television drama series created by Charlie Brooker. This is the episode "15 Million Merits" and…2012-01-07T04:19:29.000Z

Did you recognize the song when you heard it? Let us know in the comments below.

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