‘Black Mirror’ Hang the DJ: Meet the Cast


Black Mirror’s Hang the DJ focused mostly on two characters, but there were other characters in the mix who provided a fascinating backdrop to this tale of romance and unique adventure. This episode had a top-notch cast of characters that likely includes at least one person that you’ve seen on the screen before. So if someone looks familiar, there’s a good reason why. Here’s more about the cast.


Georgina Campbell played Amy, one of the two main characters of the episode. Campbell is also going to star on Krypton, which release on Syfy this year. She’s also starring in an episode of Electric Dreams, which is another sci-fi anthology. Campbell’s many other credits include Broadchurch (KAtie Harford), Five by Five (Chloe), One of UsFlowers (Abigail), Tripped (Kate), After Hours (Jasmine), Brotherhood, The Ark, Ice Cream Girls, One Night, Death in Paradise, Sadie J, Freak, and more.


Joe Cole was Frank, the other leading character in the episode. His many previous credits include Peaky Blinders (John Shelby), Woodshock, Eye on Juliet, A Prayer Before Dawn, Secret in Their Eyes, Green Room, Callow & Sons, Peterman, The Falling, Playhouse Presents, Injustice, Come Fly with Me, Holby City, and more.

Gina Bramhill on Being Human.

Being HumanGina Bramhill on Being Human.

Gina Bramhill was Coach (Voice Only). You never saw her face in the series, but her voice may have sounded familiar. Her previous credits include Being Human, Brief Encounters, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, A Prominent Patient, Father Brown, Endeavour, Mr. Selfridge, Coronation Street (Jodie), Without You, and more.

George Blagden on Vikings.

VikingsGeorge Blagden on Vikings.

George Blagden was Lenny, Amy’s first match after Frank. He’s a familiar presence on some popular TV shows. His previous credits include Versailles (Louis XIV), No Postage Necessary, Vikings (Athelstan), Vikings: Athelstan’s Journal, Blood Moon, Les Miserables (Grantaire), and more.

WastedGwyneth Keyworth on Wasted.

Gwyneth Keyworth was Nicola, Frank’s first match after Amy. If she looks familiar, it’s because she’s made appearances on many TV shows and films. Her credits include Bang (Ela), Wasted (Alison), Hinterland, Power Monkeys (Jackie), the upcoming Hidden/Craith (Megan), Plebs, Doctor Thorne (Lady Augusta Gresham), Game of Thrones (Clea), Misfits, 7.2, Loserville, Case Histories, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and more.

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Jessie Cave as Edna
  • Luke Manning as Mike
  • Tim Prichett as Norman
  • Alex Tamaro as Butch
  • Che Watson as Silverfox
  • Bruce Chong as David
  • Anna Dobrucki as Patty

The synopsis for this episode reads: “A new dating app hits the scene, but insists that singles need to meet before 12 hours.” But the episode was much, much more than the synopsis described, and everyone in the cast lived up to the episode’s potential.

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