C-SPAN Live Stream: How to Watch Online Without Cable

CSPAN Live Stream, Watch CSPAN Online Without Cable, Free, CSPAN Streaming


Just because you’ve cut the cord and gotten rid of cable doesn’t mean you need to stop watching your favorite channels. The rise of cable-free, live-TV streaming services makes it cheaper and easier to watch most channels than ever before, and that includes news networks such as C-SPAN.

Of course, while there are a bevy of different options when it comes to selecting a streaming service, there is just one if your main goal is watching C-SPAN on your computer, phone or other streaming device: DirecTV Now is currently the only streaming service that includes C-SPAN. It costs a monthly fee, which depends on what channel package you select, but it also comes with a free trial and a couple of promotions to choose from. With that in mind, here’s a complete rundown of what this live streaming service provides, how to sign up, and how to start watching C-SPAN instantly:

DirecTV Now

CSPAN Live Stream, Watch CSPAN Online Without Cable, Free, CSPAN Streaming

If finding the right balance between price point and total number of channels is your No. 1 priority when selecting a streaming service, DirecTV Now is probably the best option even if it wasn’t the only option for C-SPAN. While the company offers four different bundles, the cheapest package, “Live a Little”, comes in at $35 per month and includes both C-SPAN and C-SPAN2. Additionally, there are two potential deals when signing up: You can either get $25 off your first month when you enter promo code “YESNOW”, or you can get a free Amazon Fire TV when you prepay for two months.

Total Channels Included: Live a Little: 60-plus, depending on local channels available | Just Right: 80-plus | Go Big: 100-plus | Gotta Have It: 120-plus | You can find the complete channel list right here

Price: Live a Little: $35 per month | Just Right: $50 per month | Go Big: $60 per month | Gotta Have It: $70 per month | Plus, if you enter the promo code “YESNOW” before checking out, you can get $25 off your first month

Extras: Watch on two different devices at the same time; DVR is in Beta stage; free Amazon Fire TV if you prepay two months

How to Sign Up: Head to the DirecTV Now website and select “Start your free trial now.” After creating an account, select your channel package–every bundle includes both C-SPAN and C-SPAN2–and add the free Fire TV if you want to prepay two months (this deal can’t be combined with the $25 off “YESNOW” promotion). You’ll need to enter your payment information, but if you cancel your subscription within seven days of signing up, you won’t be charged.

How to Watch: If you want to watch on your computer, simply return to the DirecTV Now website and start watching on your browser. If you want to watch on your phone, tablet or other device, you can do so via the DirecTV Now app, which is free to download for the following devices: Amazon Fire TV or TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android phones and tablets 4.4 and higher, and iPads and iPhones with iOS 9 and higher. You can read here for more information on compatible devices.

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