Is CVS Open on Christmas Day & Eve 2017? [CVS & Minute Clinic Hours]


Christmas isn’t just a time for watching gathering with family and eating as much as you possibly can. For people who are entertaining others or bringing food to a family potluck, it might also be the time for some last-minute shopping. Because of this, meany people are wanting to know if CVS and its Minute Clinics are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For those of you who are shopping at the last-minute or need to visit the pharmacy or the Minute Clinic, there’s good news. Yes, CVS is open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, but hours may be different from what you’re normally used to enjoying. 

On Christmas Day, in most locations, CVS will be open on a more limited schedule. So don’t just assume that if your CVS is open, it will be open during the same hours it normally operates. Even most 24-hour locations will close early, typically around 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve and reopen, in most locations, at 8 a.m. on Christmas Day. (However, there are reports that some CVS locations are open until 10 p.m. or midnight on Christmas Eve, so be sure and check your location in case you’re one of the lucky customers!) The pharmacy’s hours may be different from the store’s, so call your local CVS if you need to pick up medication.

In addition, many Minute Clinics will be open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve too, but you’ll want to check with your nearest location first before heading over. You can see the entire list of clinics open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, including their hours, here. All CVS stores and pharmacies will be open during regular business hours the day after Christmas. Click here to find a CVS location near you and confirm their hours for Christmas.

The fact that many CVS locations are open on Christmas is a special Christmas gift in and of itself for some customers. In fact, you never know what you’ll find at CVS on Christmas. Last year, one customer randomly ended up with a cat:

Are you planning on shopping at CVS for Christmas? They have a great Christmas section too, so this can be a good place to visit for some last-minute Christmas gifts.

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