Is Kroger Open on Christmas Eve & Day 2017? [Store Holiday Hours]


It’s the most wonderful time of year again, when we celebrate family and the holidays. But for many people, the hectic plans of Christmas and Christmas Eve can cause them to forget something important at the last minute. That’s why many shoppers are wanting to know if Kroger locations are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For those of you who are shopping at the last-minute, there may be good news. Some Kroger locations are open for at least part of Christmas Eve. But there’s also some bad news. Most Kroger locations will be closed on Christmas Day. So if you need to shop at Kroger, you better get there on the 24th.

Of course, some local stores’ holiday hours can vary. So you would be best off calling your local Kroger and confirming the hours. You can find the nearest Kroger and its phone number here. (Click on “Select Store” at the top of the page to enter your ZIP Code and find your nearest store.) You can also call 1-800-576-4377 to find out your local Kroger’s hours and phone number.

Kroger stores are typically only closed on one holiday: Christmas Day. So that means if you’ve forgotten something at the last minute for a holiday meal you’re hosting — or if you’re bringing something to a potluck and you need to grab some drinks on your way — Kroger might be a good option for you, but only if you’re shopping on Christmas Eve.

However, don’t neglect calling the store before you show up. Many stores are open 24 hours, but some have special Christmas Eve hours and will be closing early.

Kroger will reopen for its regular hours the day after Christmas.

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