‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Finale Explained: Top Questions Answered


Tonight was the Season 3 finale of Mr. Robot, and we won’t see the show again until almost a year from now when it returns for Season 4. The finale was a rollercoaster of emotions. It answered a lot of questions, but left us with a few new ones. And if you weren’t paying close attention, you might have missed something important. So if you’re still trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together, here is a rundown of some of the top questions fans have and the explanations you might be seeking. This post has major spoilers through the Season 3 finale, so only read on if you’ve already watched the episode. 

Is Angela Really Price’s Daughter?

As hard as it was for Angela to believe, yes she really is Price’s daughter. We’ve had hints about this being the case for quite a while, and some fans had already guessed the hidden truth. Price sacrificed a lot just to try to keep Angela safe. And all those scenes with her when he looked like a creepy older man hitting on a younger woman — they looked a lot less creepy when you realized he was being affectionate as a father would to his daughter.

Who Did We See at the End of the Episode?

The character who talked to Darlene at the end of the episode was none other than Vera from Season 1. We haven’t seen him since Elliot broke him out of prison with a finely executed hack, after Vera realized that Elliot was the one that put him in prison in the first place. But Vera also killed Elliot’s girlfriend, Shayla. He’s one of the few people who have outwitted Elliot and now he’s back. But why? Read more about Vera in Heavy’s story below.

What Really Happened to Elliot in the Window?

We learned a lot when Darlene and Elliot were talking near the end of the finale. All this time, Elliot has talked about how his dad pushed him out of the window, resulting in Elliot breaking his arm. But astute fans might remember the flashback when Elliot was in the hospital as a boy, and how caring his dad was. His dad even offered to forego his own health costs so he could pay for Elliot. His actions didn’t match up with Elliot’s story about his dad, and now we know why. According to Darlene, Elliot went crazy, started swinging a bat around, and leaped out the window himself.

So what does that mean? It seems like one of two things might be at work. Elliot might have already been Mr. Robot, even as a young kid. Perhaps his dad’s cancer was too much to bear and he created Mr. Robot. Or this was his first encounter with Mr. Robot (who looked like his dad) and he was trying to find a camera so he could take a picture of his dad’s lookalike and prove his existence. In this interpretation, it was Mr. Robot who “pushed” him out the window, not his dad. But since he looked just like his dad, a young Elliot mistook the hallucination for his father. That’s why he can’t remember what happened correctly.

Or, Elliot really did have a breakdown from the pressure of his dad having cancer and leaped out the window. But his dad’s cancer got worse because he paid for Elliot’s medical care instead of his own, so Elliot blamed himself for his dad’s death. This is why the persona of Mr. Robot was created, after his dad died, to help him deal with the guilt. Which version do you think is correct?

One person who might help clear up this mystery is Elliot and Darlene’s mom. She’s still an enigmatic figure in the characters’ history. Elliot and Darlene had one scene with her that was really strange, where she looked catatonic. In an earlier conversation, Darlene said that their mom still “sh*** on Dad every time I talk to her.” Some have guessed that the scene with their mom was actually in a prison or a mental institution. Others say they were at her grave.

Is Whiterose’s Project Real?

We have conflicting evidence for this one. On one hand, Angela believes (or believed) that Whiterose really was working on an experiment that could bring the past back and bring people back to life. Whether that meant actually time traveling, visiting another parallel universe (as was talked about during a tour of the facility), or perhaps moving people’s consciousnesses into a framework of some sort, we don’t know. But Angela got some kind of proof and bought in wholeheartedly. But Whiterose told Price — and Price later told Angela during the finale — that none of this was true. She was just a pawn, a tool used to get back at Price. So Price believes that Whiterose is delusional and can’t do what she claims at all.

Whiterose’s “boyfriend” seemed to believe that she could, and he committed suicide believing it. Whiterose voiced the opinion that she could while saying goodbye to him on the phone and referencing how she would go looking for him someday in the future, but not in this life.

We do have a pretty good idea of what the big LHC-like device is from the Season 3 premiere. A QR code revealed during the episode took fans through several steps that led to a subreddit connected to the show. In the discussions there, one person supposedly from the Mr. Robot universe comments about how a secret particle collider was built in New Jersey. So that device was a particle collider, but exactly what it was being used for is still anyone’s guess.

What Is the Point in Undoing the Hack?

This one is really bothering fans. Elliot made a big deal at the end about undoing the 5/9 hack. We know that it was Mr. Robot who saved the keys that made undoing the hack possible. He did it because there’s a bit of Elliot inside of him, just like there’s a bit of Mr. Robot inside of Elliot. But why undo the hack? Elliot originally did it to help bring down the establishment, but he later said in a monologue during Season 3 that he felt like he had done too much and tipped the scales too far. (Remember the monologue that Trump strangely showed up in? He was basically saying that the chaos from the hack would lead to more corruption in the end.) He saw how a lot of people were still suffering, and decided to undo the hack. Maybe he thought the powers that controlled E-Corp were even worse than E-Corp. Or maybe he took what they said about the one-percent allowing the hack to happen to heart. Whatever the case, he’s now undone the hack and decrypted E-Corp’s files. All those financial records are back (including everyone’s debts.) Elliot did say that the silver lining was that the hack revealed who the key players are, and now he’s going to go after them.

What do you think of Elliot’s decision to undo the hack? Does it make sense to you? Some fans believe it makes perfect sense, but other fans think it’s a big step backwards. It certainly isn’t going to hurt Whiterose or the Dark Army, since they said that the 5/9 hack was no longer important to them. They already have what they want: moving Whiterose’s project.

Are there any other questions or important points from the finale that were missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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