Sheree Whitfield’s Dating Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams While He’s in Prison

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On this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, several of the cast members have found themselves in new romantic relationships. Kenya Moore eloped with a new man, Cynthia Bailey is on the dating scene with her divorce finalized and Sheree Whitfield is dating a man named Tyrone Gilliams. According to People, Gilliams is currently serving time for allegedly committing a white collar crime. Gilliams was convicted of wire fraud, as reported by Us Weekly. Whitfield says that even though her boyfriend is in federal prison, “I’ve gotten to know this man on a much deeper level. Probably deeper than I’ve ever known anyone. We have nothing but time to talk and get to know each other … He’s a good guy and, you know, he supports me. I can talk to him about anything. He’s my best friend. He just got caught up in the wrong craziness, and hopefully he’ll be back soon.” Whitfield also said that their relationship strong because it’s focus in communication, unlike her relationships of the past.

Gilliams is not exactly a new man in Whitfield’s life, as she previously told Wendy Williams that she and Gilliams “dated, back, maybe six years ago.” She also said that she’s hoping her man gets out of prison soon and she stated that getting out of jail is his main focus. Watch a clip of Whitfield dishing on her relationship to Williams below.

Shereé Whitfield's RHOA DishShereé Whitfield dishes about the new season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and her boyfriend.2017-11-01T16:50:34.000Z

When Whitfield first started talking about Gilliams, she said, “[His name is] Tyrone. This is a guy I dated, back, maybe six years ago. We had a really good connection back then, we lost contact —meaning he went to jail. I did not know. He contacted me a couple years ago and we’ve been talking … For the first time in my life, I really don’t care what everybody else thinks. I’m kind of like living my life for me.”

As for what Whitfield has had to say about some of her fellow co-stars love lives, she dished to Essence on Kenya Moore’s elopement, saying, “I have not seen a marriage certificate or license or any of that. However I know that whatever they’re doing, I want her to keep doing that because when I tell you this bitch is so much more pleasant this season. I’m able to be in the same room with her. She’s pleasant. She’s just not so evil as she’s been in the past.” Moore has kept her man out of the spotlight, but her marriage is a main discussion this season, as is Whitfield’s. And, according to Radar Online, Whitfield wasn’t planning on her relationship to become a storyline on the show. An insider told Radar, “Sheree feels blindsided over the discussion of the particulars of her romance with prisoner Tyrone Gilliams. She has known Tyrone for decades and knew that Nene Leakes had knowledge of Tyrone and his criminal past. However, the discussions between the cast and inclusion of it as part of the show caught her by surprise.” The insider continued, “When cast members Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes approached her about the rumors, she got defensive because she wasn’t comfortable going on record talking about their relationship. Sheree is skeptical because she doesn’t want the push back that former RHOA star Phaedra Parks got for being romantically linked to a felon.”