‘The Voice’ Season 13 Semi-Finalists: Meet the Remaining Top 8 Contestants

On tonight’s live episode of The Voice, the top 8 contestants will compete in the semi-finals. Tonight’s votes are key in deciding which artists will head into the finals next week. At-home voters pick the top 3 winners, who are sure to head into the finale competition, along with the bottom two cast-offs. Then, the three middle-ranking competitors will sing for an Instant Save. The Instant Save winner will round out the top 4 finalists. So, let’s get into the remaining contestants going into the semi-finals. Read on for details on each one of them below.

Davon Fleming

Last week on The Voice, Fleming sang for the Instant Save and made it through. He is on Jennifer Hudson’s team and performed the song “Hurt”. During his blind audition on the show, Hudson joined Fleming for an impromptu duet. Growing up, Fleming was in a rough neighborhood, but he was determined to make something of himself and follow in his mother’s footsteps. His mother sang in the church choir and put her musical aspirations aside in order to raise a family. Today, Fleming works as a worship leader and tonight, he is set to perform a live mashup duet against contestant Brooke Simpson in the competition.

Adam Cunningham

Adam Cunningham has been in the bottom of the votes and won the Instant Save a couple times. He hails from Adam Levine’s team and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up singing in church and ended up releasing some Christian albums. His first marriage ended up in divorce, but he remarried a woman named Courtney and the two have had a baby girl together. Cunningham hopes to provide for his family by succeeding in the music industry. Tonight, Cunningham is performing a live mashup duet with contestant Red Marlow.

Noah Mac

Last week, Noah Mac performed the song “Ordinary World” as part of Jennifer Hudson’s team of contestants. As a kid, when Mac’s 19-year-old sister, Stevie, lost her fight with brain cancer, he decided to sing at her funeral. His voice stunned others who had no idea he had a talent in singing. Recently, Mac came out with his own EP, as reported by NBC.

Chloe Kohanski

Chloe Kohanski is one of the favorites this season and she is part of Team Blake Shelton. She is born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and Voice coach Miley Cyrus has actually been her inspiration in music. Kohanski tried to pursue an education to be an English teacher, but she realized that singing was her calling. Her parents support her decisions, but have always been weary about the unpredictability of a career in music. Chloe Kohanski will be competing in a mashup duet against Noah Mac during tonight’s live broadcast.

Keisha Renee

Keisha Renee is part of Blake Shelton’s team on the show and last week, she performed the song “All By Myself” as part of the competition. Renee is an established backup singer, who, for the last five years, has worked for Nicki Minaj. She grew up singing in church and has a true spot in her heart for gospel music.

Brooke Simpson

Simpson performed “Amazing Grace” last week on the show as a team member for Miley Cyrus’ brood of singers and now she is Cyrus’ only remaining contestant still in the mix. Simpson is Native American and is very proud of her culture with the Haliwa-Saponi tribe. Her parents are full-time evangelists, according to NBC, and Simpson grew up singing with them.

Red Marlow

Marlow is a part of Blake Shelton’s team this season on the show and he is country through and through. He loves the outdoors and his father was a preacher, so he was raised on bluegrass and gospel music. He has been fortunate enough to make a living as a demo singer, recording music for other songwriters to perform. But, he’s hoping to bust out into the spotlight, though he’s been unsuccessful as a solo artist in the past. When times got tough, Marlow opened his own construction company called Mr. Fix All, according to NBC.

Addison Agen

Addison Agen is another fan-favorite on the show for season 13 and she is 16 years old. She began singing at a very young age and would sing in her father’s record store. Her mother worked in music as well and was actually a musical therapist at nursing homes. On tonight’s live show, Agen will be performing a mashup duet with contestant Keisha Renee.