‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale Memes: Top Reactions to the Ending


Something completely unexpected happened at the end of The Walking Dead tonight. Even comic book readers weren’t prepared for this one. And most fans are now heartbroken, devastated to know what’s in store for them. And they’re quickly sharing their heartbreak on social media, letting the world know how they feel. There are major spoilers for The Walking Dead midseason finale below. Don’t read on unless you’ve already seen the finale and know what happened. Read on for the best memes, tweets, and reactions to THAT finale.

Yes, tonight we learned at the end that Carl had been bitten by a walker. He’s going to die. And fans aren’t happy. They also are mad that they’ll be waiting until the end of February to find out what’s next.

Some fans aren’t ready to let go, however. Could we get a dumpster moment?

How are we going to survive waiting until February?

Maybe we should take off work tomorrow.

We’ve watched Carl grow up. We’re not ready to say goodbye.

By the way, Chandler Riggs left us a message on Twitter: