Where Was Black Mirror’s Crocodile Episode Filmed?

Black Mirror Crocodile

Netflix Black Mirror Crocodile

The episode Crocodile in Black Mirror was absolutely stunning. The beauty of many of the scenes has led fans to wonder exactly where Crocodile was filmed. We have all the information for you here. Crocodile was filmed in Iceland. So if you want to visit the filming locations and see some of that spectacular scenery for yourself, you definitely can. But you’ll want to bundle up before you go. This post has minor spoilers for Crocodile. 

Producer Annabel Jones had this to say about the episode’s location, Independent reported: “Crocodile is a beautiful, more personal study. It’s set in Iceland which introduced a totally new palette – one of the privileges of doing Black Mirror is the opportunity to create different worlds and moods and tones. It’s a film set in the near future where your memories are no longer private so they can be dredged – sometimes in helpful ways.”

Small Screen reported on the filming of Crocodile, which was shot in Iceland in February. One night during filming, 51 cm of snow fell overnight. The snow caused filming to be put on hold while crew used hoses of steaming water to melt some of the snow so the production crew could get back to work. John Hillcoat, the episode’s director, said this about the snowstorm: “It’s very humbling because it’s a constant reminder of how powerful nature is. It adds energy. The world is right in front of you, and you have to deal with it.”

True North, a media production company based in Iceland, helped create Crocodile. You can visit their Facebook page here and see more beautiful photos from Iceland. Here are some photos from their Facebook page of Iceland.

Since we know the filming was in February, we can guess that this next cryptic post was actually about the episode:

What did you think of the scenery in Crocodile? Would you like to visit Iceland sometime now that you’ve seen how stunningly beautiful it is? Black Mirror crews are really doing an amazing job this season of building worlds and providing us with landscape shots that are breathtaking. Some episodes truly juxtapose beauty with horror in a haunting way that will stay with viewers long after the episode ends. Crocodile was certainly one of those episodes.

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