Who Was at the End of the ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Finale? [PHOTO & VIDEO]


The Mr. Robot Season 3 finale took us through a rollercoaster of emotions. But at the very end, many fans were looking at the screen and wondering, “What?” Someone appeared at the end of the finale and some fans are still trying to figure out who it was. We have the details for you below. Read on after you’ve seen the finale for Mr. Robot Season 3. 

The character at the end of the Season 3 finale is Vera. We haven’t seen Vera since Season 1, when Elliot played a role in getting him out of jail even after Vera killed Shayla. Fans’ reactions to seeing Vera are mixed. Some didn’t like Vera in Season 1 and are saying his episodes were the worst. But others thought Vera was their favorite part of Season 1 and they’re looking forward to getting him back on the screen when Mr. Robot returns for Season 4 in about a year. Here’s how Vera looked at the end of the episode when he confronted Darlene at Elliot’s apartment.

Vera on Mr. Robot

USAVera on Mr. Robot

But he probably looks more familiar to you from his Season 1 photos:



Fernando Vera was Shayla’s drug dealer and a gang leader in New York City. He met Shayla Nico when she was looking for Suboxone and he was the only one dealing it. Shayla was looking for Suboxone for her neighbor, Elliot. Elliot found Shayla one day after Vera left her apartment, leaving her bruised and unconscious in her bathtub. He guessed that Vera drugged her and possibly raped her, but Shayla wasn’t willing to cut ties with him because he helped her make good money. Elliot eventually tipped off the police anonymously about Vera and his gang after learning that Vera hurt Shayla regularly. Vera and his gang went to jail, but Vera figured out it was Elliot. His gang members kidnapped Shayla as retribution. He told Elliot to hack him out of prison, and Elliot agreed but said he would disable Vera’s operation if he or Shayla were harmed. Elliot later staged a prison break for Vera and DJ. Vera killed his brother, Isaac, because he figured out that Isaac was trying to get him killed in prison. After his escape, Vera gave Elliot the keys to a car, and Shayla was dead in the trunk.

Here’s one scene with Vera from Season 1:

Mr Robot: Elliot hacks drug dealer Fernando Vera2015-10-06T17:06:55.000Z

Vera was one of the few people to outwit Elliot and not get retribution after the fact. Now he’s back and it’s not clear what he wants from Elliot this time around. Interestingly, nine months ago fans on Reddit were talking about Vera’s possible return. One fan, bwandering, wrote the following:

We also don’t know that any given scene is real or delusional. And that obviously has implications for how we view what “really happened” in the show… If you assume Elliot doesn’t make mistakes and that the Vera prison story-line is real you come to the conclusion I made in my prior comment; that there’s a larger arc to the Vera narrative than we’ve seen yet. Alternatively, if you assume the entire Vera prison sequence is the result of Elliot messing up the hack then that story has pretty much run it’s course. But your observations above lead to a different conclusion. … The photo that implicates Elliot shouldn’t exist. So why does it? Maybe the answer is that it doesn’t. Maybe the photo and everything following Shayla waking up in the tub is a delusion. Consider the possibility that Vera had already killed Shayla the night Elliot and Vera meet. In the version we see on T.V. Elliot finds Shayla unresponsive in the tub. Only after several moments trying to wake her does Shayla respond. But what if she doesn’t ever respond? It’s possible Shayla is already dead at that point and everything that follows is a fabrication Elliot creates trying to cope with the death of his girlfriend?

Interestingly, in the same thread Redditor lost_tsol predicted that Vera would be back after society collapsed and White Rose and Tyrell ascended to power. They wrote: “Elliot will realize he was manipulated by them all along. Elliot will go to war against them. He will need help, and Vera will help.”

What role do you think Vera will play? Let us know in the comments below.

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