‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Family The Alldredges: Meet Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis

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The Alldreges are one of the families featured on new reality show Seeking Sister Wife. The TLC network has familiarized viewers with the concept of plural marriages with its long-running show Sister Wives and now it has developed a new series. Xfinity TV’s official plot description of Seeking Sister Wife describes the show as, “Three families explore the various phases of seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.” The Alldredges kick off the series premiere with a quest to add a third wife into the mix and by episode two, they are deciding whether or not to move forward with a new woman named Melina. In a promo video for the new show, it appears that Melina is on board to fly out and meet with the Alldredges.

According to the TLC network, Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis Alldredge follow a fundamentalist Mormon belief system and they have a total of seven children in their combined brood. All of the kids are under the age of seven as well. Jeff actually met Sharis and Vanessa within a year of each other and is “spiritually married” to both of them. In the family’s official TLC bio, it states that, “They live together in one house where the women share the household duties. As polygamists, the Alldredges believe their family is never complete and they plan to expand their family as large as God sees fit.” They don’t seem to have a cap on how many children they would like to have and they hope to find someone who will help them raise their ever-growing gaggle of kids.

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Speaking of kids, one of the Alldredges is pregnant and shows her pregnancy journey this season, including announcing the news to their family. When bringing Melina on board to meet the family as well, the Alldredges worry and want to make sure she is everything she has made herself out to be to them. At the same time, Melina has people close to her who show concern about her possibly becoming a sister wife.

The Inquistr reports that their could be a catfishing issue on the show this season, which leads us to believe that the Alldredges’ storyline may be going along with this.

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