Is Arie Luyendyk Cheating on ‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Winner? Who Is He Dating?

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Arie Luyendyk is the star of The Bachelor 2018 and he has revealed that he is engaged to one winner on the show. But, he also told People that he fell in love with two women this season. He explained, “I fell in love with two women, and I didn’t know I was capable of that. I’ve never been in that situation, and it was really hard. And they were two very different women, and that’s what made it even harder.” So, it’s safe to say that Luyendyk fell in love with the winner as well as the runner-up contestant.

But, what’s all this cheating business about? Before we can reveal the reports, we have to reveal this season’s winner of The Bachelor. So, if you don’t want to know who it is, STOP READING NOW.

According to Reality Steve, Becca Kufrin is the winner, while Lauren Burnham was the runner-up. Recently, Reality Steve dished that, “A couple days after the premiere, I was given word that Arie called Lauren on the night of the premiere. Certainly an interesting thing to be told because why would a lead possibly contact the girl he dumped when he’s engaged to someone else? … Started hearing that Arie was having second thoughts about Becca and thinking he might’ve made the wrong choice.”

Reality Steve then reported that, “I was told from a source specifically that “Arie broke up with Becca and they are heading to Virginia to film” … Not less than 6 hours later, a photo appears in a private Facebook group that ABC’s vans were out in front of Lauren’s mother’s house in Virginia, and the person who posted the picture seemed to know that ABC and Arie were there and were filming … Arie ended his engagement with Becca a little over a week ago and is now dating Lauren. That’s why he was in Virginia last week at Lauren’s parents house.” So, it looks like that even though Becca Kufrin was the reported winner this season, Luyendyk has ended up with Lauren Burnham … at least for now.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Luyendyk would be accused of dating more than one woman, as Courtney Robertson wrote in her tell-all that, “He was dating this woman the entire time we were together!”, according to Radar Online. Some may know Robertson as the winner of Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor, but she is also reported to be a former lover of Luyendyk’s and she wrote in “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain” that she moved on from Flajnik with Luyendyk just one week after their split. She also said that Luyendyk was dating another woman when they were together. See a pic of Robertson and Luyendyk below.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, Sydney Stempfley, also told Entertainment Tonight that she was blindsided when she heard that Luyendyk was the new Bachelor. Recalling their time together, Stempfley revealed, “To my knowledge, the relationship was monogamous … I’m not assuming anything, I just… that’s all I know, is that at least on my end, yes, the relationship was monogamous. We always had a great time, tons of fun. We made each other laugh and had just really a great relationship so I can’t complain there … [we] had great memories.”

A source told ET Online that Stempfley and Luyendyk broke up just one month before his Bachelor announcement. According to Stempfley, “The night before the breakup, we hung a light fixture together, made beef stew and I slept over. Everything was normal! The next day, we had plans after I got off work. It was just a regular day, so it definitely caught me by surprise … It was very emotional … I couldn’t really get a definite answer … I could tell that he was emotional, but there wasn’t tears on his end.” Check out a pic of the ex couple below.

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